The Hip-Hop Thread


Remember listening to this at 19 in my 1.1 Clio with epic sound system thinking I was a badman.




This shit is hot, how the hell did he manage to get all of them on one track? whew


Make it 8 minutes long. lol

Edit: Meth don’t play. One of the greatest in it.



Wu tang Clan and Public enemy just announced a UK tour for those of you who are interested.


De La Soul are in the line up as well. Might have to baptise the missus again in my musical ventures haha.


Yeah man, this looks incredible. DJ Premier as well :heart_eyes:

Wonder how much tickets will be, I’d love to go.




Fuck, that’s a lot of money for tickets :gabriel:

Naughties banger.


It is a bit lol

But I’d find it easier to justify as it’s an opportunity to see four legendary acts at once, rather than just the usual one artist/band you’d often get for that kind of price.


It’s the going rate unfortunately. That’s not bad when you compare to Kendrick (£65) Drake (£80) Nicki Minaj and Future (£80) 's recent UK tours.


on repeat these last few days :fire::fire: