The Hip-Hop Thread


New Elzhi! Released a collaborative album with Khrysis.


One of the GOATS. Haven’t had a listen yet but saw him live in a London a few years ago. Amazing. Plus he stayed behind and took pics and signed CDs with fans.


Would definitely recommend it so far, impeccable rapping over really laid back but top notch production.


I’m half way through it right now. So far, Overhinking and F.R.I.E.N.D.S are my two favourite tracks.


My homie told me to come with him to the masjid
Them brothers said, “Don’t go from written bars filled with rage
To primetime television and your gilded cage
Then forget it’s people in the world still enslaved”
I barbwired my wrist, and let it fill the page
Gun fire n’ flares, sirens glare
I’m in a iron chair where people who care
Don’t get the lion’s share
When I don’t give a fuck, then I ain’t fair
I’m on a higher tier with people gettin’ money like the financier

This just doesn’t get old, sometimes I listen to the full freestyle 4 or 5 times in a day ffs.



First thing that came to mind was Liquid Swords, 4th Chamber, Shadowboxin & Killah Hills 10304


Looking forward to the asap rocky flatbusg zombies collab



Bombtrack, Killing In The Name, Take The Power Back


Wrong genre but dgaf


MoStack is back with a banger…


The Last to Say, Become and Just for Show. (Atmosphere, The Family Sign)


Michael Jackson - Thriller, Billie Jean & Beat it :mkhi:

Nah but seriously it depends on my mood, right now it’s MNIMN

36 Chambers was the first one that came to my mind tho with C.R.E.A.M, Method Man & Protect Ya Neck.

Strongest Album overall for me’s gotta be


Oh shit



What happened to Skepta ? :disappointed_relieved:




Still my favourite Biggie beat ever.


@SRCJJ I’ve reassessed, definitely better than Resurrection. Must have played this through about 5 times more than Resurrection now


Haha glad you’ve seen the light. That’s his best body of work in my opinion. Be and Finding Forever will always be the two best Common albums IMO.