The Hip-Hop Thread


I still need to dl Finding Forever and Like Chocolate For Water.

I rarely download and am pretty happy to replay shit a lot. Every month or so I’ll bring like 3 or 4 new albums on to my phone

I think it’s that first 3 tracks of Resurrection that got me. I Used To Lover Her has been one of my favourite tracks since years ago, long before I listened to him on an album level.


This lean ffs


The way we selling squares you’d swear them shits is BOGO

Thats a very hard bar!

Earl has GOAT potential


:raised_hands: Mach Hommy :raised_hands:




Video out.

Check the comments

This song so :b:lood it makes me angry af when I wake up seeing a clear blue sky

:arteta: :arteta:


This is a hard one. C.R.E.A.M obviously, not sure after that.

Actually Triumph is a better pick than C.R.E.A.M


Having listened to some of Chuck Strangers old stuff I went into this with very low expectations, 4 tracks in and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Edit: Might have posted this too soon, it’s starting to go downhill.


His verse actually fits together so well with the instrumental, sounds crazy!




No Kanye no



What’s up with Kanye, trying to promote a new album by tweeting controversial stuff?





So good.


Don’t think he’s right really, I don’t think there’s been any decline in the quality of Kanye’s work. He is, and always has been, a cunt, but we need to separate that from his work, as with any artist.

This article I’ve read in the Atlantic this morning by Ta-Nehisi Coates sums it up pretty well:




Dope :joy: