The Grand Tour/Top Gear


It was just a random thing I saw on r/TheGrandTour. With the heading ‘So TG has given up’ because of the TGT advertisment on Top Gear’s official site.


Jaaaaaags on snow :heart_eyes:




Love this show. Best thing on Amazon Prime.
I wasn’t even that big on cars.


That DB4 was a thing of beauty. :heart_eyes:


Just watched the last one of series 2, feckin quality…This is without doubt the greatest thing on tv at the moment…I absolutely love it…

Massive credit to three middle aged men, who make my evenings entertainment wonderfully enjoyable…Genius.


The Grand Tour second series was fantastic and had some excellent moments.

Also looks like Top Gear is shaping up to finally be a series of it’s own again, love Chris Harris and his enthusiasm for all things car related. The first episode with the V8’s remains a favourite so far!





Not a fan of the show and probably never will be, but I feel like Flintoff would be a good fit tbh. Not sure of how Paddy McGuiness is still getting gigs though…


No likey, no lighty.

Though let’s be honest, I haven’t given a shit about TG since it all changed a few years ago, so this won’t mean anything to me. It’s had it’s day.


Road trip specials are superb. Great news.


Cool. I loved both seasons.
Hate the celebrity section though.


It’s back.