The Grand Tour/Top Gear





Bloody Nora, another one?!


Good, good. :slight_smile:


He should probably quit.


Ha. I was just thinking his wife would probably be telling him the same.


he is one lucky guy, I remember years ago he crashed trying to break some kind of speed record


How does he keep escaping death


I suppose they don’t want him up there.


Can’t blame them, I don’t want him down here either.


8th December. Looks like they’ll be doing some second hand car challenges. :ok_hand:


Never watched Top Gear but season 1 of Grand Tour was glorious to watch.


What the hell is that on Richard Hammond’s mouth.

Watched legit top gear more than the grand tour tbh, never thought I would but there you go.


Really enjoyed the first season. Looking forward to this shiz


Yeah the first season was great! Haven’t watched any top gear since these guys left, all about GT for me now.


S2 Ep1 is up on amazon and elsewhere (:stuck_out_tongue: ) now.


They’ve made positive changes. :+1::ok_hand:


Oh man, their episode was such a visual porn man.
I am not even interested in cars.

Just love the cinematography. Beautiful.

I have to say with BBC’s Blue Planet and other nature shows; and now this, I am glad we have English media.
I only listen to BBC news as well.


They shouldn’t have brought back the celebrity race segment.
Just show me the places & sceneries man.


Nah man, I like that! Just wish they had someone I had an interest in on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. :giroud3:


Heh, why are you on Indian version of Top Gear?

Amazon Prime has been marketing Stranger Things & Top Gear heavily over here.