The Grand Tour/Top Gear


They went to India in one of their specials. Where, surprise surprise, they got into trouble. :joy:


Yes I saw that and found the train banner bit absolutely hilarious. (Think BLINK mentioned it somewhere so I YouTubed it)

Nothing controversial about that episode. Didn’t read the article as there are few elements in India who would make a big deal of everything like someone in Europe made a big deal about immigrant in bonnet joke.


LOVED the Christmas special! Probably helped it was in Finland :smiley: Excellent piece on the Ford GT40 and Le Mans win. Really interesting.

Can’t believe they used ‘Kimi Raikkonen’ for the celebrity brain crash piece :joy:

The first few episodes of GT were pretty underwhelming I gotta say, but the last two or three have gotten better.

They really need to ditch the American after this series without a doubt, that’s the weakest part right now.


Think they need to get rid of that Celebrity piece. Got silly after the first one imo.

Trolling Top Gear. :joy:




One of the trio ‘under fire’ again for something silly they’ve said. :giroud:

I’ve gotta say, I did think it was a bit of a weird one at the time. Expect a forced apology at some point.


It’s not even offensive, its just fucking moronic.


That was SO FORCED.

Clearly just trying to be controversial and edgy to stir up public opinion and get people talking.


This lot have jumped the shark.

Top Gear may well be finished without them, but I reckon the reverse will prove true as well.


I haven’t watched any of the Grand Tour, but by the looks of things they don’t really too much on the motoring side of things anymore.


I’ve enjoyed the Grand Tour so far, bigger budget more challengey type stuff. More of the popular stuff from Top Gear and less of the Ford focus reviews etc. which their wasn’t much of to begin with I guess towards the end.


Still enjoyable but Richard Hammond has become more annoying than he already is, and they need to cut that crap conclusion at the end of the Celebrity brain crash segment, "Does that mean he’s not coming on then?" , and Hammond replies with the same stupid answer, pisses me off.


Couldn’t agree more. I think the whole saga with Jeremy, plus the money has all gone to his head. Mix that in with a hefty amount of “Small-man Syndrome” and you’ve got yourself a first-class knobhead.


Their juvenile humour suits me perfectly. :joy: (well, sometimes it does.)


Explain your prolonged absence!


Lol. I don’t have an explanation.


Doc has times where he ‘goes off Football’ for a while or simply takes a break from here every so often and comes back. Nothing new :slight_smile:


Must be a British thing. #docxit :grinning:


Been watching a bit of really old original Top Gear. Always amuses me the way Clarkson used to look in the 90s :sweat_smile:

Love how relevant this video is though 21 years on. Public transport just doesn’t work so well in the UK like it should. Not to mention the costs now…