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He seems upset


Jeremy drove a Jeep Wrangler in the new TGT special and it’s a popular car among the Gay gentleman and the other 2 made jokes like “oh Jeremy can be himself now”…“proud of you”.

Also Jezza made a joke about LGBT standing for Lesbian, Gay, Bacon, Transgender.

Dumb jokes but to be offended by this shit? Seriously?


People love to be offended. By rants go his is a terrible one haha


Bellerin is so jealous of that stache right now.


While they’re pretty tame jokes, I think it’s worth stopping for a second to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a second. If you’ve probably spent your life being called a bender, poof and much worse, I can see it might sting a bit to have someone that famous and influential taking the piss out of your identity in such a way.

When you’ve never had to ensure that kind of abuse and attacks on your identity its pretty easy to call people snowflakes and whinge about them loving to be offended. Even if you don’t agree with their complaints, it does you no harm to stop for a second and try to see why it might be hurtful and make them feel some kind of way.


Didn’t find it offensive. Just terrible middle aged humour which is synonymous with Top Gear.



We should keep our jokes limited to inanimate objects, it’s getting tedious with humans now.


Well people like you are a big part of the problem because you don’t think anybody should ever really be offended by anything lol


It’s big @JakeyBoy you’re talking about isn’t it? The smarmy, snowflaking cunt.


Yeah so how am I being a problem?


Latest episode is out. Hammond’s piece at the end was simply sublime. I had never heard of that racing driver before but my eyes were glued to the screen, was only saying the other week about how much I love those history lesson segments.


Was always a fan of Top Gear till the original three presenters were part of the show. Have now switched to the Grand Tour and enjoy it. Do wish it was a little less scripted but I can see why the do it at times. As for the jokes they make on the show, I can see both sides of the argument. Honestly, they are just being themselves. A lot of their jokes are no different from what 3 close friends would crack among themselves, so I guess, from that point of view, they are keeping it genuine.

I remember there was a lot of hue and cry about the Top Gear India special show as a lot of people were offended by their jokes on India and how things are here but I didn’t find them offending at all. At the end of the day, it’s a lighthearted show and shouldn’t be taken seriously.


This is an FYI in case you are interested, rather than me intentionally being a dick lol, but they’re quite far from being the original hosts. It was on for twenty four years before Clarkson and Hammond joined in 2002 and May joined a couple years later. I think the format was very different once relaunched with them at the helm.


Or to be really nit picking pedantic, Clarkson was a presenter on the original Top Gear, having started in 1989 and then left by the end of the 90s, while James May even featured on original Top Gear, around 1998 for a short while :cristo: But you’re also right in that, they’re certainly not the original presenters of the show.

@Persona I’ve not seen the feature, but I am assuming you’re on about the legendary Jim Clark. Without doubt one of the greatest drivers of all time. Back in an era where there was a high chance of death. Leading a normal life as a farmer, alongside his racing duties. Totally normal, humble down to earth guy. You’d never get anything like that today. Funny how Scotland, who usually suck at most sports, actually produced two outstanding talents like Clark and Jackie Stewart really :grin: (Amongst others from other series).


Yep, spot on. Jim Clark. The piece, as always with the racing or car history segments of TG and TGT, was superb. Can tell Hammond was affected by the story he was telling.


I don’t know if the piece mentioned it, but they’re currently in the process of redeveloping his museum in Duns, which is really good to see as a driver like him should be celebrated and known more. I’m glad TGT did a good job on his feature. Although I’d have been nervous giving Hammond controls of anything powered really :smiley:

60s cars were absolutely beautiful, and they were damn cool to see them sliding around.


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What an amazing episode this was!


If youre gonna be pedantic, be right :cristo: