The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


Post of the Year 2018

:wink: Cool :wink:



Well done


Come on guys, one more like and I’ll hit 20!

This will be my first time to hit 20 and trust me when I say this, I am equally as excited as I was my first time.


Ask for 6 more, and you’ll earn the rare, “Good reply” badge :wenger:


I can’t even solicit for one apparently. :bellerin:

Yeyy, @Varunn I owe you a handjob buddy!


Hmmm what’s this?

Sees sneaky edit, hoping no one saw it






You plonker


he will now take away his like, and other may join too because of the way you have treated him :giroud:


Hey, English is not my native language. I though I was making him a compliment. :santi:


Actually, once a post has been liked, you only have a limited amount of time to reverse the action and that moment has passed, so I can’t unlike it, not that I would anyways :smiley:

I know Glads would never mean any ill-harm towards me, we’ve known each other forever on here, I gave him a like for the plonker comment :kos2:


You can’t Luca out of this.
You knew what you meant


Shut up you plonker!






The one day every month where America have spelled the date right


Am currently going through American revolution history to understand why Americans despise British so much that they would do everything opposite to what British would.