The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


I don’t think we have one yet, so I typed in the words to make a thread and proceeded to post funny pictures into it. Thanks.




Ive renamed the thread title seen as none of you seem to understand what a picture is :slight_smile:


I came to the cross bar to create a new “funny pic/wtf thread” and saw this for the first time. A little disappointed I’ve been beaten to the punch lol


It’s also debatable as to whether some know what funny is. :henry2:





Not funny, just super aww.

Makes think that all of those kittens I’ve thrown out of my car in the past are probably still alive doing well.


The fucking asshole who threw that cat out in traffic should be found and be kicked in the balls, repeatedly.


Took it from Reddit and in the comments they say it was likely that the cat was just sleeping inside the car for heat or shade before. What really freaks me out is how many people just drove past it - granted stopping there you have a good chance that you’re going to end up on liveleak later as a smushed road corpse. Ignoring animals in pain is a little weird for me though as I passed a bird with a wounded wing once jogging and felt so shitty I took my car back so I could bring it to the vet. A few weeks later I hit a bird with the wing mirror of my car and it was super fucked up with it’s guts and shit hanging out so I just killed it there so I’m maybe not in a position to judge but as far as I’m concerned my karma meter is level.


Twist at the end makes it. :smiley:



Look at his little fucking legs.


When you hungover and think you can get some food down you.




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