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Seriously wtf


Step 2: Grab 'em by the pussy.


Something not right in that family.


haha ok nice



Relevant Q: did anyone have a shit at school?

I don’t think I ever actually had a shit at school. In fact I didn’t have a shit at work until I was 26.


Does uni count? I started shitting at uni in second year when I was studying abroad for 6 months. The uni had it’s own natural history museum (lol) that was open Monday-Sunday and on the second floor, over in the corner behind the polar bear exhibit there was a mens room that was cleaned daily but that no-one knew about!!

So I’d always go there for a shit as it was near almost all of my lectures. It was fantastic. It was like having my own private toilet on campus that no-one else used.


I didn’t. My school was so rough that they didn’t leave any paper in the toilets cos kids would just nick it and throw it around, block the toilet with it etc. You’d have to go and ask at reception for it, and fuck being the kid walking through the corridors with a bog roll in your hand.

You’d also worry that someone would be poking their heads over the stalls, kicking the door down or whatever when you had your pants around your ankles.

That’s what stopped me, not some sort of issue with pooing in public.

I make a point of doing at least two poos a day at work. Boss gets paid a dollar and I get paid a dime, that’s why I take a shit on company time.


Only if caught short, otherwise no. I still abide by this rule even to this day. No public pooping for me, save that moment for when I’m at home. Even then it’s a nuisance for me unless there’s no one in close proximity!


But pooping is such a great feeling, why deny yourself it.

I hop out of the loo after a poop feeling light and fancy free.


I have to tell my missus to get out of the bed room so I can go in the en-suite and do my business! Trying to do one in public would make me so paranoid that all the satisfaction from the process is void lol.


Hah video been deleted and with all the wtff comments I’m wondering what it was?


:rofl::rofl: She deleted her twitter

She was letting her little brother grab and slap her ass.


The poor boy, the shit fight, the boy’s amazing voicebreaks when pointing out the boy taking a shit.

Is there a video more ‘high school’ than that?! :arteta:


Just Scottish things


The giggly laugh hahaha.