The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


Did you listen to any of his new releases last year? He released quite a lot of music (well, a lot for Frank) and some of it was really great.


No. I’m kinda old-fashioned in my way of listening to music and only have albums and EPs that I download from torrents, so I miss out on these kind of things unless the artist re-packs them into an EP or something or I hear it on someone’s spotify at a friend’s house, or if you put it on youtube here haha.






oooohhhhh look an angry owl, lets poke it :henry2:


What a cunt interviewer!



Had to hold in my laughter sitting at my desk


Again @Arsenal4thetreble explain yourself.

America taking L’s from all angles today



Someone explain?


Don’t knock being a battymen until you’ve tried it, taking it from the back is how real mandem like it.


“When you meet up with your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and the PSG-Madrid is on”

(Fuck this silly holiday!)



Why the fuck is he wearing that badge? loooool, Eubank isn’t well ffs :rofl::rofl::rofl:


“I’m too old for this shit”


This made me laugh more than it should



This i have watched so many times it makes me laugh every time, its the chicken but also the person laughing god his laugh is so contagious.