The curious dilemma of Immigration

World is going through some immense political issues all over the globe. On top of it, Extremism & Nationalism is becoming a part of society in almost all countries.

These immigrants are mostly economic migrants, rather than refugees fleeing prosecution or threat. Now it has become very attractive for Africans/Asians/Arabs to find a way to Europe. Surely at some point Europe will not be able to support the influx.

The situation is really dire.
France & Germany were open to migration but even they now can’t sustain any more immigration

France have declared that the enbedding process will be stricter henceforth.

1.2 million migrants from just 10 countries.

South Africa alone with 3million migrants. and it is such a small country.

Look at overall chart & I can understand why US is scared about Immigration

I am conflicted.
Syrains, Yemen, Rohingyas need all the support.
There are plenty of Africans who can no longer continue the prosecution. There are Africans from South Sudan & South Americans from Venezuela who might not be able to live their lives in their respective political mess.
Middle Americans are running from a civil war.

They need all the help one can afford.

But should we?

If Citizens are running away rather than face the situation, come together & solve it; then those countries will continue being a mess(Somalia) & immigration will continue to rise.
You give them an out and they will take it. But no society will be sorted if their youth run away from it, leaving the negative elements back to rule the weak.

It affects the countries giving refuge to these migrants as well. The cost of immigration is up, close to billion dollars is invested to sustain immigration before they can become a contributing member of society.

World is supposed to move forward, progress but this is going to become an even bigger issue and held us all back.

It’s a tricky subject matter really. It’s true that a lot of poorer countreis need the expertise and skills that their youth provide, which can’t be fulfilled if a majority of them move abroad. The same is even true of southern European countries, and even Macron has appealed for young French city workers to go back to France post-Brexit. The problem is, you can’t exactly make people stay in their home country, which is rather illiberal. Infrastructure and jobs can also not be easily created, especially in poor countries, so I’m not really sure if it can be solved short-medium term.

The immigration deabate will however form a central part of the ideolgoical battle this century. Whilst traditional left-right politics will still remain important, the authoritarin-liberal axis will be the central political model of competition.

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Perhaps if there are less economic sanctions from our developed world and military intervention/coup d’etat might actually help.


Yeah, the West takes a lot of resources from the starving nations, lefting them underdeveloped.

The men who opposed it because they wanted to keep the resources for their countries got killed. Just look at Thomas Sankara.

Quite honestly that is deflecting the blame onto outside entities while the Africans have failed throughout the continent to form a proper constituency for their respective nations.
Most of them have been liberated for quite some time now. They should have done more to bring stability on their own; instead their leaders opted for personal enrichment.

There are 54 countries in Africa most of them had their independence in 60s. That’s 50 years to get your act together and not let west manipulate you.
I can only name a handful of those 54 countries who are doing well.

Oh yes.
It is going to really ugly.
Won’t be long when more leaders like Trump will go ‘shithole’ on third world countries.

Much like the Israel-Palestine crisis, you’re over simplifying the issues. So are these nations expected to have just washed away hundreds of years of imperial rule in half a century? Corruption is so deeply embedded in political society in many African nations and that’s a direct consequence of imperial rule, Western support of despots and a plethora of other reasons.

So many African countries were ransacked during European imperialism. Are they expected to have made a full recovery from hundreds of years of occupation and become prosperous within half a century or something lol


I don’t expect all of them to do so but I expect out of 54 countries, at least 40-50% of countries could manage themselves better.

It is not impossible to come out of colonization and do well for yourself.
It would be unfair of me to state India as an example as we have plenty of resources & had a educated masses at the time of independence but yeah India.
India was never a single country until British made it one. It is filled with so much diversity that by looking at whats going on in Sudan, India should have been divided into 20 pieces but the country managed somehow; and here we are - one of most stable & progressing nations.

Don’t expect them to be prosperous but surely be sustainable enough to take care of their citizens so they don’t need to flee the country.

I’ll get back to this later. But I’d advise you not to use India as an example in any capacity given its guilty of corruption, poverty, a wide economic gap and a ridiculous number of other issues that plague African nations.

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Take your time but the quoted is exactly my point.

Sum it up for me perfectly.

like it or not, its only going to increase massively over the next century due to climate change.

The world has to make major changes if it is to decrease immigration.

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Add the coming war on kobolt too.

Google is not giving me anything

The thing with Africa it’s by far the richest continent minerals wise yet it’s one of the poorest. This is because coruption is deeply imbedded within it. Western companies via proxy of they governments pay off these leaders who line their pockets. Then places like Ivory Coast who is payin France reperaition for they independence which is crazy.

One of my workers is from Congo and he hates they president. He calls him an American stoge out there by them. They guy is from rawanda but is the head of Congo! He told me that he is letting american companies plunder the land while enriching himself. That’s is the sort of thing that has happening all over Africa. They killed gadafi because he wanted a united Africa who’s money was backed by resources. Say what you want about the man but his country had the highest literacy rate in the world and they lived comfortably. Now the place is a husk of a country.
If Africa unites in 20years it can become the richest continent and in 50years the biggest army but that would not happen as long as these puppet government are in power.


Africa has so much potential it is ridiculous that it is so easily manipulated.
Those corrupt leaders don’t realize how much harm they are causing their own brothers.

At some point, they just have to fend off the western influence regardless of how embedded it is in their system.
There will always be entities who will try to gain from their misery. It’s wishful thinking that west will stay away from their politics.

They have to find a way to push back, else it will be chaos.


imagine blaming Africa for the rape and plunder they have had to endure for centuries and ask why they are not at the level of Western Countries. Yeh because the Western countries took all their shit! :arteta:

The corrupt leaders are put in and backed from somewhere! See also: Middle East

Trion man, you really need to look deeper into the context of these things.

My friend who’s grandfather was the ex president of Botswana said the same thing. The youth over there are hungry to turn Africa around but thier have a big fight with the old guard to do so. There is also the fear that what will happen to gadafi will happen to them. Or worse overthrow the leader and they get sanctioned like Zimbabwe.

I didn’t say that.

My reputation perhaps make people assume more than what I have said.

All I am saying is that 50 years is a long time for countries to get proper system in place, govern themselves right & reduce the influence of west to make sure they can create & sustain a reasonable living conditions for their citizens.

At some point, the blame has to move away from west & become internalized as to where one is going wrong.

As I said, There will always be entities who will try to manipulate & disrupt countries for their benefit; a better governed nation however can get rid or reduce that influence.

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