The Crystal Maze

After talking about it just a few days ago, Channel 4 have announced it’s making a return as a full series, first time since 1995, later this year, with Richard Ayoade!

It’ll be hard to live up to the original series, but given the lack of decent things on TV these days, I’m pretty chuffed this is finally given a revival :smiley: Let’s get an OA team together :cristo:


Ah good fun. They better bring back Mumsie…

Great news! Hopefully it somewhat lives up to the original.

Bit annoyed Richard Ayoade will be presenting it though, as I just really don’t find him funny at all. Would’ve loved to have seen Stephan Merchant present it again!


Maybe this is one way of leaving @BigWeng_4LYFE behind :wink:

Stephen Merchant really suited it. Ayoade I just don’t see it tbh, hopefully i’m wrong.

Either way it’s always been ROB’s show, but the concept is so good that they can’t really go wrong, looking forward to it.

Hah the annoying american you say. All I heard the whole time was some British douche wearing a leopard skin fucking coat and playing a harmonica!! Cmon we know which set of people are the real crazies. :giroud:

[quote=“Robin_L, post:5, topic:1138”]
Stephen Merchant really suited it.
[/quote]I read somewhere that while he enjoyed doing the recent one off special, he wasn’t interested in doing it full time.

A4TT, you greatly unappreicate the importance Richard O’Brien (the presenter) had on that show :smiley: He was always that eccentric, part of the show’s charm.

Thing I always enjoyed about this show, is some of the contestants really were something special…

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Never heard of it.

When was it on before?

[quote=“Calum, post:8, topic:1138, full:true”]
Never heard of it.

When was it on before?
[/quote]It ran from 1990-1995 on Channel 4, so I guess you would’ve been too young to seen it. It’s been repeated loads since then though on Challenge :slight_smile: Hugely popular show at the time.

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I loved the original with Richard OBrien of Rocky Horror fame . He took the piss in a very understated manner .

I think they’ve gotten the presenter wrong. He’s too weird and I can’t imagine him running. Which is obviously of massive part of the show :smiley:

The one improvement for me in the Ed Tudor-Pole era was the introduction of the Ocean Zone, people used to be visibly terrified of the water games. :laughing:

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Yeah my brother told me about it and then I started watching it all the time on challenge haha

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The reboot for this, commenced last week apparently, though it seems they’re mostly celebrity specials for now. Talk about a contrast in guests on tomorrow’s show though, you have David Coulthard and Joey Essex :laughing:

Spotted it by chance. Richard Ayoade is exactly the right level of weird to be the host.

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This is going to be awesome

wait its back already!? wtf how did i miss that.

When is this back on? One of the best television shows off of the 90s!

I like Ayoade but does he have the cutting edge of a prime ROB? Probably not but it’s wrong to compare what will essentially be two different shows

[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:15, topic:1138”]
Richard Ayoade is exactly the right level of weird to be the host.
[/quote]Make your mind up Shammy :wenger:


Hey it takes a man to admit he was wrong. Or completely forget what he’d previously said. :smiley: