The Crystal Maze


used to love the crystal maze and looking forward to the second episode of the brand new series, Vicky Pattinson completely smashed it last week


Love Richard Ayoade, the crazy mother funster.


As usual with celebrity editions, certain contestants had far too much to say for themselves but for the most part I thought it was ok.

It is however completely unforgivable that there’s no moat around the dome. As a kid seeing that little bridge rise majestically from the smoke obscured water was one of my favourite bits.

Oh, and the helmets and body armour? Wtf? Health and safety fuckwits.


Finally caught up with Friday’s show. Not too bad really. I mean anything with celebrities in game shows, they always seem to make the questions or tasks a little easier than normal, whenever it’s in aid of charity, but the general vibe and fun of the old Maze I think was still there, so that’s good. I mean, nothing will ever beat the original format, but this was pretty decent.

I’d have prefered if they’d kept the Ocean zone, rather than bring back the Industrial zone, but not too bad really.

Richard Ayoade works really nicely as the presenter I must say. He feels like the right kinda quirkyness the show needs. He couldn’t stop ribbing Joey Essex :laughing: Who himself was pretty hilarious addition.

The new set definately feels a lot smaller than the old one.


Louis Spence totally ruined it for me


homophobic :wink: