The Conservative Party

Haha how dare these young people who’ve paid the guts of £30,000 for their degrees take the best pay they can find?

“I could work for this company that’s offering £30,000 rather than the others that are offering £25,000 but I don’t want to bump inflation up too much.” - the Telegraph’s fantasy of a young graduate.

By the way, have they included a handy calculator to see how much these young people entering full time jobs are costing us?


Honestly what are these ‘journalists’ thinking?

Are they even intellectually all there?

Or are they drones to spit out the latest Conservative party HQ talking points?

Drones from the oligarchs that run the papers?

GCHQ staffers?

Because none of it makes sense.

In any case, an AI could easily do their job.

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Might be time to get the bullshit-o-meter serviced as the Tories are going to start their election campaign next month and they will do everything to hold on their money and power.

Culture wars, gaslighting and lies are going to be turned up to 11. My hope is that the lack of intelligence, common sense and empathy in Government will glow brightly in spotlight of a General Election campaign.

None of the above comments should be construed as an endorsement for Labour, though if voting for them gets this lot out, I’ll have to do it.

This country will be seriously fucked if Labour or the lily livered liberals get in.
Neither parties offer anything substantial policies . Labour have lost their roots for the working man .

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In response;
*It’s already seriously fucked.
*You probably think I’m a lily-livered liberal but I’m not at all insulted, it’s a badge of honour for me. I’m empathetic and progressive and proud of it.
*I totally agree that neither party are offering anything, but this is not an election, so it should be the Government who are offering policies. Labour are still working on their manifesto but I’m not hopeful that it will herald the start of a better society in the UK.
*I agree again. Labour are now a centrist, middle-class party that seems to have abandoned the unions who built the movement.
*I think our only hope is to get this cruel, incompetent, corrupt and feeble Government out by any means possible. We can bicker about whether Labour are rubbish when they’ve had a go at the controls.
*Disclaimer - I’m a member of the Green Party.


The conservatives are masters of human manipulation. They’ve somehow convinced millions of people that Labour have been and are still in power. :rofl:


Labour might be worse for the generation that have it all.

But the Tories are waging war on the young and have pissed off a huge amount of the future population.

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Just patiently waiting for the election and manifesto when Starmer can no longer u-turn then u-turn on his u-turns.

Ah Dorries finally quit.


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Just way too many stupid cunts can’t take being called stupid.

In all facets.

Everyone thinks they’re an expert, and knows better.

Everyone that tells you no is a spoilsport or wettie, or woke prick, or mainstream, Soros establishment moron.

Lack of establishment consequences for blunders like Iraq have driven people insane.

That’s when it’s due anyway isn’t it?

Think because it was in December in 2019 it doesn’t have to be called before then?

Ah. Surprised theyre not taking the extra six months to asset strip the country a bit more then.


Please god I hope so.

We need to get out this limbo asap

That’s fair but it doesn’t take into account all the self employed who have been affected more than most by inflation.

The only people to have gained from the catastrophic economic failures of this government are the already rich shareholders and owners of the biggest companies.

But it’s always been the same because looking after the rich, while using the working class to make them more money, is what the Tories have always stood for.


Tougher sanctions on claimants announced by Hunt. That’s what the country needs, more aggression to those in need. Fucking cheek of him calling it a ‘safety net’.

Just waiting for Labour to tell us how bad this is but won’t undo it. Or the story to vanish as politicians and media bring up HS2 nonstop.

In the respect that there’s nobody I have any interest in voting for, I kind of agree :joy:

In the sense that this government is a limp atrocity, I don’t.