The Conservative Party

Of course the thread title refers to Andrea Leadsom’s comments about Theresa May as their leadership tussle heats up.

What do you think? Is David Cameron really a pigfucker? Where is George Osborne disappeared to? Did his Chinese overlords kidnap him for non payments of debts? Does Boris Johnson live by photosynthesis?

We shall find out no doubts. Strap in lads.

Hope Theresa May gets the job as the other women sounds like a right twat.

They’re both right twats :slight_smile:


Lol. :joy::joy:

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The banter era lives.

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So, Boris Johnson will be our representative abroad :grimacing:

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Thats fucking hilarious :smile:

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So this man is gonna be involved with Europe. But he didn’t want it when he didn’t run for Prime Minister. Utter joke.

Boris Johnson in charge of Foreign Affairs is akin to putting Jimmy Savile in charge of Education…


George Osborne made editor of the London Evening Standard. Will still be an MP. :santi:

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But what I came to post was this:

“Mistakes” ffs… I think the phrase most people would use is “electoral fraud”


Surely there’s a conflict of interest between being a MP and the many positions that he now holds. Unbelievable if he isn’t made to resign as an MP over this. The Tory party is actually such a shambles at the moment, with an unbelievably shit week for them, not that the polls reflect this.

This move from Osborne is clear though, he’s prepping support for a move of his after 2020 back into mainstream politics. I’m not sure if his future is leading the Conservative party or a new centre party, either way his intentions are pretty clear.

Leading the conservative party? I thought most people thought he was a bit of a prat? I guess he must be smart as he’s landed two pretty impressive part time jobs that most people would struggle to get :hipster:

Imagine being the legit journalist that got turned down for that editor job for George Osborne!

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The word buffoon perfectly describes Johnson.

But behind that moronic mask lies an ego the size of Saturn.

He typifies is all that’s wrong with politicians.

Theresa’s found the magic money tree


That’ll make her popular in her party :slight_smile:

Either she really has found a magic money tree, or she’s talking utter fucking bollocks.

Wonder which will be true? :wenger:

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