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Unsurprising that you dont call it this when it’s Sunak bringing up Corbyn and antisemitism when it bears zero relation to the question he’s being asked.


Well it’s deflection bringing Islamophobia into an anti semitism arguments full stop

And it’s deflection to bring antisemitism or Corbyn into it when Sunak is asked a question about an entirely unrelated topic.

Your most recent post is literally using deflection tactics to try and cover for Sunak’s deflection tactics by highlighting SRCJJ’s apparent deflection tactics lol.

You can clearly see what Sunak is doing, you’re just too biased towards him to acknowledge it.


No i pointed out an important part of hid post that shouldn’t be ignored. Anti semitism. Corbyn didn’t du enough to address it.

Rich of you to call our bias on anything politics related

Islamophobia is at least tangentially related to antisemitism, with both being forms of bigotry. So there’s at least a clear link when SRCJJ brings it up, because he’s highlighting bigotry within a political party in response to someone talking about bigotry in a political party.

Sunak will be asked a question about the economy, or high speed rail, or corruption, or what he had for breakfast, and he’s reflexively like “Corbyn! Antisemitism!”

It’s a far better example of deflection tactics than what SRCJJ did, yet you only highlight one of them as being deflection tactics.

Your bias is so strong you hold a stranger on the internet to a far higher standard than you do the Prime Minister of our country lmao


Tangientally related lmao. Reaching.

Corbyn deflected the anti semitism question by bringing up Islamophobia. Any sane person could see they’re both wrong. Corbyn ignored addressing one by highlighting another

The issue of Islamophobia within a political party absolutely is tangentially related to the issue of antisemitism within a political party, as in both instances the topic under discussion is bigotry and intolerance within one of the two main political parties. That’s not a reach, it’s me understanding what those two words mean when combined and using them appropriately.

But OK mate, you keep talking about Corbyn like it’s still relevant, the rest of us can have a conversation about our actual Prime Minister, who unlike Corbyn has a tangible effect on politics and the state of the country.


Yeah, I didn’t bring up Corbyn originally in this thread recently. And if you think anti semitism isn’t relevant, says more about your bias and blindness than anything else.

Antisemitism (and Corbyn) isn’t relevant when our Prime Minister is being asked questions about entirely different topics like the economy, or the NHS, or any other non-bigotry related topic. It’s classic deflection tactics and incredibly transparent, and everyone here, including you, can see it.


Starmer called Sunak weak and Sunak called Starmer weak and cited an example as to how he was weak. (I.e. Corbyn’s poor stance on anti semitism)

You’re weak!

Yeah well you were weak 3/4 years ago!

Awesome comeback.


Lol to be fair the are both weak the state of our politicians these days hurt my soul


Zahawi sacked shocker

Own goal after own goal for Sunak


Feel sorry for the poor guy. He thought he’d successfully stashed the money off shore and already evaded the tax. It’s an honest mistake any of us could have made :cry:





He can now focus on his family’s new private health company



Well played son