The Conservative Party

Is this a joke….


Tories are mustache twirling bad guys
Tory baddy 1: “I got a plan!”
Tory baddy 2: “What is this plan you got?”
Tory baddy 1: “let’s continue labours plan of unfettered immigration then underfund the facilities”
Tory baddy 2: “that’s such a heinous crime but I like it”
Tory baddy 1: “this way we fuck everyone over including ourselves”
(Both laugh manically while twirling they villainous mustache)


No actual babies were harmed in writing this post :rofl:

Imagine thinking I’m gonna spend any more time arguing with you dumb and dumber. :arteta:

Believe it or not, the figures are clear - immigration has surged despite Tories being in power for 12 years.

They talk a big game but action? It’s in front of you.

Also, since Brexit, immigration from red list countries has only gone up :arteta: lol


Lol dumb and and dumber so original must of hurt your brain on coming up with that one. The immigration laws on the books at the moment is the same since labour left office. Every attempt to changes our Immigration policies have been met met with stiff opposition from Whitehall and human rights activist.
Are you forgetting I was the one that pointed out that this government has let more illegal immigrants than ever, while everyone was talking crap about tories being anti immigration. The tories in government not conservatives at all only in name most of they polices are straight out of Blair’s play book.

A good read from article was reading it highlights one of the issues that unchecked immigration has caused

The consequences of net immigration of near 4 million people can most visibly be seen and felt in the UK housing market where house building has abysmally failed to keep pace with Britain’s population explosion, a crisis that was further exacerbated following the financial crisis that induced a slump in house building as the below graph shows the UK annual population change against annual new housing build completions.

The graph illustrates two a major long-term shifts that took place in the UK housing market dynamics since 1980.

1. 1980’s Right to Buy

Margaret Thatchers ‘Right to Buy’ your Council house policy appears to have acted as a huge disincentive for local councils to build properties, where council house building literally collapsed from 100,000 per year in 1980 to just 20,000 per year by 1990 and by 1995 had fallen to less than 2,000 per year, where local authority house building has languished ever since, even under 1997 to 2010 Labour government as Right to Buy has acted as a huge disincentive for local authorities to build properties that they may be forced to sell off within a few short years.

2. Immigration Explosion

By 2000 the annual increase in population as a consequence of Labours immigration policies started to far exceed the number of new builds that ended the preceding overall trend for construction to exceed population growth in terms of addressing the UK’s long standing housing shortage, especially considering that the average size of households has continued to shrink falling from 3.1 in 1960 to just 2.24 in 2014 (one of the lowest in the world) as a consequence of the increase in single person households and single parent families.

Whilst instead of doubling house building during the immigration crisis the near exact opposite has taken place as far fewer houses were built each year during the noughties. The ratio of average household size is still trending lower which means that even if the UK population suddenly stopped increasing then the falling household size ratio towards 2.15 by 2030 would still imply EXTRA demand for 1.25 million properties to be built just to stand still.

The below graph further illustrates the ratio between the accumulative change in population since 1970 against the accumulative number of new housing builds also since 1970 as an over crowding ratio overlayed with UK house prices that illustrates the worsening trend in the level of over crowding due to inability of new supply to meet new demand that just keeps accumulating each year.

This better illustrates the change in trend that started to take place during the mid 1980’s that coincided with the Thatcher governments reversal of the policy for the construction of social housing and implementation of the right to buy scheme that to date has resulted in the sale of over 2 million socially owned local council housing that fueled the property boom of the nineties AND noughties, the trend that was set in motion was for the inability of supply to keep pace with population growth which ensured continuously persistent upward pressure on house prices that despite the great recession of 2008-2009 still showed an accelerating trend as new build supply that currently stands at an estimated 140k per year is set against government estimates for a requirement of at least 250k properties per year, with 300k a more realistic estimate when the trend for a falling household size is taken into account, which thus ensures that the UK’s over crowding situation is expected to continue to worsen year on year going forward, especially if the size of average households continues to shrink which would require about 70,000 new builds per year even if the population stopped increasing.

And this analysis does not even consider the fact that each year the total number of properties remaining empty continues to rise either as a consequence of being for sale, let, legal issues or falling derelict. This totals now more than 1 million empty properties at any one time, a number which despite demand looks set to continue to rise as many of the derelict buildings will only come back on the market when they have been demolished and rebuilt, so erroneously counted as new builds when they should be classed as rebuilds.

The bottom line is that the UK housing crisis is being primed to explode! Britain is literally being sleep walked towards having to painfully deal with its extreme consequences due to the failure of successive governments to take pre-emptive action before the crisis explodes

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Nice post @ryaninho . Simply put, Thatcher and Blair were both disasters. Not enough homes, too many people and no political party remotely able or willing to do anything about it, except make it worse.

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We shouldn’t forget this current Tory party biggest donors are from housing developers (ever wonder why they scrapped housing targets) so there is a incentive to build slow and increase demand. We all know how that goes high demand low availability inflated prices.


Sunak is a massive cuck and a weak man lol.

And he has an extremely bizarre obsession with mentioning Jeremy Corbyn at every single PMQs. He did it again today for the millionth time when challenged about not sacking Zahawi. This idiot ends up talking about his principles and how Starmer has none for standing by Corbyn despite anti semitism “running rampant” in the Labour Party.

He is as hopeless as the last and as hopeless as whoever else the Tory party could muster up. Sooner these wankers are out of government the better


Well, this is actually true lol.

But it’s completely irrelevant. He mentions it weekly at this stage it’s just his go to line when he doesn’t answer a question. Literally every single week. And he stood by Boris for years despite allegation of corruption after allegation of corruption and a history of being a racist lol


Sunak being shown up exactly as expected, guy was shit as chancellor and now shit as PM. Any conservative who voted him for leader should resign along with him after the election.

Start afresh and let Starmer have his 5 years.


He’s just a really weak man lol. He’s so frail and soft he has no business being a leader of anything lol

And he always looks nervous when he’s answering questions too. I hate him the same way I hate the rest of the cunts who’ve drowned us in problems for the last 12 years


It’s not if we elect a government where anti semitism may not be entirely rooted out. It’s what-aboutism from Sunak, but important what-aboutism for a significant section of society.

Yep looks like a total softcock both physically and mentally.

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In 50 years time the Tories will still be talking about Corbyn.


Is Islamophobia rooted out of the current governing party?

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Probably not. But Corbyn was quick to bring up Islamophobia when his party was being accused of anti Semitism. Classic deflection.

That soon lol.

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We’ll all be six feet under by then, so who cares :wink:

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