The Board & Arsene Wenger - Sack or Walk?

Genuine question.

Do you think The Board has it in them to sack our most successful manager who is hitting all of their targets year in year out, or do you believe Wenger will be the one who decides when he wants to walk? [poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • The Board will sack Wenger
  • Wenger will decide when his time is up

It’s not even a question. He will never be sacked and unfortunately, it’s right not to sack him.

The board would never sack him unless something dramatic happened like us being mid table or we start getting a half full stadium, and neither of those things are going to happen.

Wenger will resign, when he decides he’s had enough.

They’ve offered him a contract so they clearly don’t intend sacking him.


Does that make The Board the ultimate issue or Wenger?

Arsene takes most of the flack, but there’s no reason for him to turn down a healthy contract.

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It’s not really about ‘hitting targets’ is it.The board aren’t blind to the fact that major titles bring more commercial revenue etc. They’re aren’t blind to the fact that we haven’t made a major impression in either the league or CL over last 3 seasons. They know Wenger is the common denominator, they know he’s responsible.

They’re giving Wenger the benifit of the doubt. Which is more than fair enough considering the consistency, CL money and participation he achieved during a difficult financial period for the club.

I don’t the board will ever sack Wenger nor should they imo, it’s a very unique situation in football. If we have a poor showing in the CL I think Wenger definitely walks at the end of season regardless of top 4 or FA cup. I think he’ll examine the last 3 seasons where he’s finally been backed with resources and self assess if he has the ability to take this club forward.

Imagine thinking Wenger will ever be sacked. Not sure a poll was entirely necessary. The question should really be when will Wenger hang up his zip-struggling coat. I’m going for next century!

So are we in consensus that the board are the issue and not Wenger then?

Wenger gets torn a new one all the time but why on Earth would he quit, literally has no reason to. Only the top level have the power to decide whether he gets a new contract or not. Shouldnt all of our concerns be aimed at them and not the manager?

Granted its quite a unique situation but if the board are truly not happy then they have the power to change things. Wenger wont be changing any time soon.

I think Wenger is very much smart enough to realize when his time is over. If this season goes up in flames (it almost has) and we finish barely in the top4 (or worse) he’s definitely going to re-think his future and eventually quit. Even if it doesn’t seem so I think he’s driven by the desire to succeed more than money at this point but will have to realize that it’s not going to happen anymore.

Surely the latter.

Would cost too much money to sack him…And we know our lot dont like wasting money when they dont have to…

How the fuck is this a genuine question.

No chance of him ever being sacked. The board dont have the balls to do it

Wenger’s vanity project and the board’s lack of on-field ambition go nicely hand in glove. Perfect recipe for stability and stagnation.


Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Yup and as Wenger’s finally belatedly adapted his transfer policy as football’s new era dawns, it’s only served to heighten the spotlight on his other failings, ultimately hastening his demise, whether that be this summer or after another two years of not challenging in the league/Europe. Sadly wiggy is still safe enough in his ivory tower though

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Don’t give a toss as long as he goes.
As for keeping him because he is our most successful manager. That is past history.
What you were should not influence the objectives of the club and the fans.
Wenger is a clueless clown living on his past glories.
Get rid and let’s move on.
If the useless French tw at stays it won’t take Einstein to for cast what next season will bring. Just look at the last dozen.

Up to Wenger.

For the people who say he should never be sacked. No one is unsackable. Just call it a mutual agreement if you don’t want it to be called “sacked” in public

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Sacking Wenger is a value/risk ratio situation. For as long as this ratio is smaller than 1, Wenger will never get sacked.

The prospect of firing Wenger and bringing in a new manager could potentially increase value, but it also bears a much greater risk given that sticking with Wenger is basically a risk-free option. It is almost impossible to determine whether value will be > than risk upon sacking Wenger, which is why our risk-averse management will never do it.

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Sorry should have made it clear. Not really sack, but not offer a contract.