The Board & Arsene Wenger - Sack or Walk?


If he was sacked anytime from now until the end of the season it wouldn’t cost the club much money as he only has a few months remaining on his contract.

But he’d never be sacked. I hope he just doesn’t renew.


Was just being flippant…


Yeah that makes sense now lol


The board would have to pay him. No chance to happen.


But I thought spending money on mediocrity was what Arsenal was all about?


Nobody wants to fire you, Wenger, but please, just walk


Winning isn’t that important to our board, so as long as the club keeps making good financial gains so way he gets sacked.


I doubt the board doesn’t want to win anything. It’s just Wenger offers value for money. He’s keeping us in the Champions League and no matter how many times he failed the title challenge. We were in the title race it’s just predictable we would fail. Last season was the best chance after all we were the only team who did the double against eventual winners Leicester. The team dropped too many times and are just as much to blame as Wenger.

I expect Wenger to finish his contract and not extend at the end of the season. An honourable way to go.