The Betting Thread

Yes! Exactly - I found BetFair doing 8/1 but 16/1 is better :joy:

Just put a tenner on 8/1 but may put down another tenner on sky bet if those are the odds haha

Can you do players as well? Like if I fancied Lindstrom to go to a PL team or something?

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I don’t think its that customised. You will probably only be able to bet on the players they provide you

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United (/the referee) left it a little late yesterday, both of these were very much in doubt, particularly the first one.

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I’ve never done it personally, but I’m fairly sure you can contact their customer service teams and request odds on pretty much anything. Betting on a certain player to go to a certain team in a specific window or time period should be something they can easily give you odds on.

After all, a bookie will give you odds on your kid being capped for England etc haha

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Or Denmark

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I’ve only seen people place those bets regarding England, but I see no reason why you couldn’t do the same for Denmark. I didn’t mean “your kid” as in Cristo’s actual (hypothetical) child.

Yeah I’m thinking I might pop into my local William Hill on the way back from work and see what they say.

Corach Rambler!!! :scotland::scotland:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

£140 won






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Fucking fair play


You’re too good at this and it pisses me off


Depends how often he bets and how much he loses I suppose. No one posts their losing bets :sweat_smile:


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So with my newfound wealth after my Rob Holding to score anytime against City - how do I actually withdraw my money from Paddypower??

Why won’t they just let me withdraw it into my bank account?

I got mine out through PayPal the last time I used it. About 4 years ago :joy:

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Are you sure it doesn’t? Every site I’ve ever used lets you, though they will certainly make it harder to find than the option to deposit lol.

For example, I use bet365 these days:

Ahh weird, it wouldn’t let me do it on Wednesday night after the game but it let me do it now.

Will be interesting to see how long it takes to hit my account haha

Usually instant. Well sky bet is anyway

Hmm I did it via the ApplePay option to my Monzo account but still waiting