The Betting Thread

What mug bets 50 quid to win 5p lmao


Deserve to lose just for putting a bet like that on.

It looks to me to be a free 50 quid bet in which he just wants to take the easy 50 quid.

The way it backfired though lol


:rofl::rofl::rofl: well spotted.

Thats a gutter for him

Damn…always cover the bet in such a scenario. If he put a quid on it to happen, that’s an easy £1000.


On any site I’ve used, when you use a free bet, you don’t get your stake back. So on Sky Bet, if I used a fifty quid free bet, you only get the winnings, ie 5 pence, not £50.05

I’ve not come across a bookie that gives you the stake back too, or maybe if they do, they’d put conditions on it like “only applicable on odds over 3/1” to stop people just taking free money from the bookie.

A bookie that gives you free bets, adds no conditions in terms of minimum odds and gives you the stake as part of the winnings is a bookie I wanna start using.

Not saying you’re wrong here, more just that it didn’t cross my mind cos I’ve never come across a free bet structured in such a way. But me having never seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist lol

Edit: just dawned on me you might mean that he placed a fifty quid bet in order to qualify for a fifty quid free bet from his bookie in exchange, and he thought he could just withdraw his original 50 quid of real money after winning that bet. That would make sense… I think I’m being slow today lol

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The pain

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Oof, that’s rough, commiserations.

Edit: ah, I see you’d still be waiting on a Forest Green winner even if Bolton hadn’t fucked it.

Yeah think I’ll cry if Forest Green win. £730 from £1.50

Near miss from last night. 2 points short of a +£1000 winner

Needed to be a bit more conservative with the Kevin Love points.

Is bet365 down?

Backed us not to concede :sunglasses:


Fucking smooth

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Gutsy bet that and the hardest one too watch.

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Pull the trigger or not? Shouldn’t even ask really, my heart can’t not back the team. :sweat_smile:

I’d let that ride for a potential 800 quid difference

Silver lining bets come in once again

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Betting against your own team :xhaka: