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Seriously. What a fucking bootlicker.

Hurry up and go busts you reprehensible publication


Your hate and vitriol for poor James energises me Elec.


See if you ignored the arsenal stuff you hate :joy::joy: the other writers when I had it were excellent like Horncastle and Hongstein @Electrifying

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It’s actually good on other sports tbh.

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Horncastle is really good

So is Crafton

Honigstein is a bit smug for my liking these days.

And as @Stroller says, it’s quality on basketball and American football


They just dropped a transfer roundup piece. A bunch of anonymous agents were quoted in the piece dunking on the White and Ramsdale deals.

I know I compared our summer to the Everton summer they signed Keane, Pickford and et al. But what if it was actually more of the summer when Milan signed Theo, Kessie and Locatelli? It seemed absolutely preposterous to me that anyone would pay so much for Theo Hernandez. Locatelli was beige and Kessie was a good player at Atalanta but was he really worth it?

Locatelli was a Milan youth project. He came up through the academy before leaving for Sassuolo. On loan originally I believe.

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Need @Gio to confirm. I just remember him playing for Sassuolo but there’s so many sketchy things going on with Serie A contracts it’s hard to keep up.

He wanted first team at Milan and we couldn’t guarantee it even though he was really promising, as srcjj says came up through our youth ranks.

Kessie I was fucking over the moon when we got him actually, but he has turned into an absolute prick and won’t even sign on the 8m contract we offered him. His level has dropped massively since last season when he was one of the best midfielders in Europe. So far this season tonali has shat all over him.

As for Theo, yeah I was skeptical about his transfer but it wasn’t a massive amount €19m I think? He’s worth at least double that now if not more.

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If you boys are talking about Locatelli then I feel like you need to bring my man A4tt in to clear up any misinformation. Legend has it he spotted Locatelli’s progressive talents before the entire footballing world and definitely before Twitter even had heard of the name.


well yeah the numbers will never track exactly since we’re a few years on and English teams generally pay more money than Italian teams.

Sad to see the way people have soured on Kessie. You’re not the first Milan fan I’ve seen take that stance with him. Where exactly does he think he’s going to go? Juve? PSG? I’d obviously take him at Arsenal but idk that’s really in the cards. It causes me great physical and emotional pain to say but that bald fraud Ivan has put together a really interesting squad there. He’s probably better off staying. They could easily challenge for the title. Still not sure about the striking situation there. Could I interest you in a slightly used Lacazette?

edit: I can’t resist poking fun. will you be purchasing one of those awful third kits? they are truly some of the worst things I’ve ever seen from a design standpoint.

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Yeah, if we could get a right winger and a mid 20s promising striker I think we have a real class team for the future. They can’t get mugged off by these players wanting huge contracts, the knock on effect is that we then have to double everyone’s wages and then just put ourselves back into the red, when we’re slowly moving back to the black now!

There’s talk of missed out transfer funds but half the time those transfer funds are what we’d be paying on the contracts anyway, so it’s not worth it to be held at gun point the way Donna, Hakan and kessie have. The latter is really coasting this year and I wouldn’t miss him if he walked especially when he’s asking 8m a season. (Net).

Overall since gazidis arrived our recruitment has been fantastic, and you can see there is a real emphasis on signing players with the right mentality and personality, and not just someone potentially world class but who would be poisonous to have around.

Puma has no business being anywhere near our badge. They make works of art for Italy, and I think this euro 2020 is one of the best shirts of any team ever, I love it, but they put in minimal effort for their club teams, look at most of the dross they made for you. It’s been the same for us.

I hope Adidas returns. Anything else feels wrong, except maybe kappa, or lotto but they can’t afford to sponsor Milan.

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Gee, I wonder which enormous Italian keeper you could be referring to here. :arteta:

Wasn’t actually thinking of him, I’d love for him to have stayed. I actually think kessie is worse. At least Donnarumma asked for 12m and stuck to it which we couldn’t afford.

We offered kessie five when he asked for six so we offered six then he asks for seven then we offer seven and he asks for 8.

We also have leao with a bit of an attitude problem last season and I think he’s grown a lot this year.

Donnarumma I will always miss but, I think similarly to chiesa at juve, because of his heroics for Italy, I’ll still always love him even though they’re both pricks in how they are for club (Donna with Milan and chiesa a whiny diving shit).


As with all media, the ones getting the awards aren’t really the best, most adversarial, most interesting outlets.

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Wouldn’t trust these awards. Sky Sports got the gold award, and while their live match day coverage is fine, their news outlet is pretty bad these days. The Athletic is actually more reliable.

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Actually I guess this kind of journalism deserves some kind of award