The 5 Biggest Events In Our Lifetime?

So what do you guys think? I know some of us are older than others but I think we are all within 10 years of one another. We could probably start this in the 80s. My list would be:

Fall of the Berlin Wall
Desert Storm
Creation of Internet

I dunno about some of these but the Berlin Wall coming down changed Europe pretty significantly. Desert Storm put us right in the thick of things in the middle east. Internet and 9/11 are obvious, not sure how crazy 9/11 was for u guys over there. And now this which is clearly unprecedented.

  1. Creation of internet
  2. End of the Cold War
  3. 9/11
  4. Launch of Hubble Space Telescope
  5. Coronavirus

Death of Princess Diana has to be up there


04 Invincibles


Golden age of technology or rapid transition at the very least.

Our generation went from typewriter to cellphones, from floppy to cloud storage quite quickly

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  1. 9/11
  2. War shit (Falklands, N.Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan)
  3. The birth of the internet
  4. The discovery and translation of the work of Hans Asperger
  5. Michael Thomas scoring the winner at Anfield :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be hard for @DavidHillier . He has so much to choose from, including two world wars!


:point_up: I bet the split of Eurasia into Europe and Asia about 2000 years ago will also be included alongside the world wars! :joy:


The biggest one for me is Wenger finally leaving Arsenal :joy:

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  1. Corona
  2. 9/11
  3. 2008 financial crash
  4. 2004 tsunami
  5. Princess Diana’s death

Those are the ones that stand out, glaringly, in my memory. I know exactly where I was when I first understood it was all going down.

I think 9/11 really was the kind of watershed moment that changed everything, and I really feel like the world became a worse place for it.

I’m getting the same kind of feeling with coronavirus, that it is a true historical watershed but I think it’ll be in a positive way.


Think you’ve pretty much hit that on the head for me too!

Being a Londoner, the 2005 July bus bombings leave a memory too. I remember some random teacher running into our classroom in the early afternoon telling us to all avoid getting the bus home if possible because of what was happening.

I then remember my dad getting home at 8-9pm because he (and many others) had decided to walk home from the city.

Although it leaves a memory I don’t think it makes the list given the weight of others.


Ahh that’s a good one, honourable mention to 2005 for sure.

Not in my top 5 I don’t think because I didn’t live in England at the time although my dad was in London that day for work.

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But he didn’t fight in both.
He was only a schoolboy in the first world war.
I know because I was at the same school. :grinning:


Ah. Now I remember you two. Skipping my classes all the time :joy:

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I’d have to have John Lennon killing and N. Ireland peace treaty in there.

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Your post triggered me to think of JFK’s assassination too. Followed by the assassination of his assassin on live TV.

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  1. Creation of internet and mobile technology

This literally shaped the world we live in today. Globalisation was created in the form we see it today.

  1. Covid19

Has literally brought the world to a halt. Nothing in our lifetimes can compare.

  1. 9/11

Changed belief systems and allowed unnecassry wars to go ahead.

  1. Dianna’s murder

Enough said.

  1. Amazon/Google

Literally own the world now.

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Diana’s murder? You guys are way too English

Diana death
London bombings
Operation shock and awe

  1. Covid-19
  2. 9/11
  3. Invasion of Afghanistan/Iraq
  4. 2008 financial crash
  5. Creation of the internet
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