The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Nowadays, I’m more inclined to support a team without one. :eyes:



I support teams from the British Isles first and foremost. No way am I cheering on Germany if they are playing against Ireland for example. Not a chance.


Seferovic acting like a spoilt brat after the game because he got booed😂. I’m very happy but I feel sorry for Northern Ireland because the only goal came from a penalty that shouldn’t have been given and their fans are very passionate. Even more happy that I don’t have to watch Senderos and Djourou together in that back four anymore because Akanji is doing well atm.


Bar the entertaining Croatia vs Greece 1st leg, these qualifiers have been very lacklustre thus far.


Bitter jock.



Why would I not support player’s who play for my team? The fuck is that bitter?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Misunderstand. I do apologize. I do always support the underdogs though :wink:


Close from Greece here.
No problem for Croatia at all atm.
Perisic’s strike is so lethal. He hits the post.
0-0 HT.
Boring game.
Greece pushing for a desperate goal.
Greece close to the 1-0.
Croatia did the minimum to qualify.


I can’t even image the pressure on us today. It is worse than a WC final.


@Calum ready too pounce here.


ha no not watching the 2nd leg doesn’t really interest me. Got better thing’s to watch on a Monday night


I know we are shit, but @Calum should focus on the mighty wee Scotland :wink:


Isn’t that the dude off Shaggy’s hit single “It Wasn’t Me”?


@Luca_from_Italy how is your team looking? Is Zaza playing tonight? How about Veratti who went off in the first game? We have Ekdal (CM, had a short thing at Juve and longer thing at Cagliari) out, he is sort of important for us I guess.


Not looking good, tbh. Ventura is ready to play Gabbiadini upfront with Immobile. Still no Insigne. At least Jorginho will probably replace De Rossi.


Still no Insigne as expected. At least there are Jorginho and Florenzi.


Italy have never lost a game at the San Siro. That’s pretty impressive. It’ll be an advantage for sure, but as Pirlo says, he’s never seen a stadium score a goal…


Booing the swedish national anthem FFS! Bunch of cunts!
Bonucci crying like a pussy.
Good start.
That was penalty to us.


Chiellini booked for protesting a penalty shout.


This is gonna be hell. Fight!
What a risk FFS!
Chiellini is on the verge of getting sent off.