The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


“Why is Gabiaddini taking corners?”

Roy Hodgsonini. :sunglasses:

EDIT: Yup, Giorgio needs to be careful.


Penalty to Sweden have to admit.


That was a blatant penalty Sweden just got denied.


Impossible to score from there.


That looked like a ruptured ACL

Edit: Every time I post I can’t believe my avi lol :joy:


ACL done.
Gabbadini playing well.
Barzagli booked as well. We are too nervous.
Oh fuck! Thought we would have scored here.
Bonucci done.
Well, that was almost another penalty to Sweden.


Luca’s gonna go loco if Italy lose this :laughing:


We have been lucky so far, tbh.
You just can’t play with 2 CFs. Too predictable. Only Sventura doesn’t know it.


Sweden have players on the pitch from Hull City, Al Ain and Seattle Sounders, so it’s a tough ask to beat them to be fair.


No Cirooooooooooooooooo! FFS!
Fuck! We are creating good chances now.
Florenzi pass the damn ball!


oh your god we got away with murder the last 15 minutes there Luca. Damn you were finding your momentum, HT couldn’t have come sooner!


Yeah, unlucky not to score.


At least Buffon has some respect, even if some other Italians don’t


A great man. Gigi!


Lustig called the boo-ers ‘fucking cunts’. :rofl:


Jorginho :clap: Crazy it took Italy being this desperate to give him a real chance.


I can’t imagine if Italy can’t quality…


That was penalty to us :arteta:




Or the referee from the NI Switzerland match. He’d have given it.