The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Peru & Chile are on right side of new Zealand.
Couldn’t open the link. There must be flights for Buenos Aires for sure.


I have to say, Honduras and Australia and NZ vs Peru are prime reasons as to why we don’t want a 48 team World Cup.


Good draw for New Zealand. Now they just need a 1-1 to qualify.


It’s about the premier league players that have to fly from the UK > New Zealand > Peru > UK within the space of five days or so



Florenzi Barzagli Chiellini Darmian

Candreva De Rossi Parolo

Insigne El Shaarawy


Play this line-up on monday FFS!


I’d drop Parolo or De Rossi for Jorginho, and just start with Immobile up front with Zaza coming off the bench


Forgot about Jorginho. Time to start him.


@Luca_from_Italy doesn’t care about African football evidently.





Click the link :joy:


Good luck @cristo and @shamrockgooner


Was about to tag you :smile:. C’mon Morocco!


Hahaha that’s funny, and full of lies. Ever since drew Ireland in the lot the Irish have been chatting loads of shit and giving it all that so I hope we absolute paste the little gobshites.

No offence shammy


Plus making it into the world cup is such an accomplishment, 48 teams is a money grab and diminishes the allure, mystery, romance? Of competition imo.


It’s what we do :slight_smile:


Morocco has done it! Congratulations to @SRCJJ! Tunisia has qualified as well.


No Bendtner!!! You fools Denmark!!


Correct, also if Australia qualify I want it to feel like some sort of accomplishment, if it’s a 48 team tournament it’s basically just gift wrapped to numerous mediocre teams.


oooh i’m actually nervous, haven’t felt like this for a Denmark game in a long time


@Cristo, how do you rate Cornelius? He is doing his job at Atalanta.


Yeah he’s always been great in Denmark and does very well for the NT. I like him.

I didn’t think he was getting any game time at Atalanta? I thought Petagna was playing ahead of him?