The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


What a double chance for Denmark! Should have really scored here.


Both play their games, tbh.


Not much to say atm. The game is pretty dire.


That’s an absolutely distrastrous miss by Denmark.


Sisto :arteta:
That was a massive chance for Ireland, instead.
0-0 HT. Balanced game, but Denmark should be ahead.


Hope Denmark win this tie, Ireland are as boring as bat shit to watch.


They definitely are boring but we’re also shit so we have to West Brom it big time.


This game now :expressionless:


The Lord coming on to header Denmark to victory. :expressionless:


That looked very painful


Am I missing anything? Will have to catch highlights later


Cuntish from Bendtner here.


Absolutely nothing. Ireland being dull and difficult to break down once again.


So the last 3 games I have watched are Honduras vs Australia, NZ vs Peru & Denmark vs Ireland, that’s 270 minutes of my weekend I’m not getting back


0-0 FT. Meh…


No one deserved to win that game. Load of shite.


I’m really excited to see all these play-off winners at the World Cup in June :neutral_face:

On the plus side, there HAS to be goals in the second legs.


International football is awful. I only watched Sweden Italy in a pub last night because it was Friday night and an excuse to go out drinking :joy:


No, you watched it because you do hate us :sanchez2:

2007 and still counting! :sunglasses:


Do count the penalties in the potential penalty shootouts as goals ? If so yeah then we should have a few.