Text box craziness - mobile

Anyone else getting this issue where they open the text box to post, the cursor to touch ends up selecting something about 1cm above where I touch?

Makes writing and posting a nightmare.

But closing the chrome app down completely and restarting it sorts it out every time.

On Android btw. Just wondering if anyone else was getting similar issues.


Bloody Android. I’ll have a look on my gf’s phone

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Yup Android here and exact issue for me too.

Browser - Chrome

It used to happen sporadically but completely unavoidable lately

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Using Chrome on android and haven’t had this issue at all

Yeah I’ve had this issue. It’s horribly annoying and puts me off replying on mobile as it’s bordering impossible.

I’ve done a fresh update this weekend, did the problem occur before that as well>?


I get it very frequently. Text box does a madness and everything you press it does the exact opposite. Only way to get round it is to change the forum to desktop then when you’ve posted your post change it back

haha and here I was thinking something was wrong with my cellphone so I didn’t say anything. Got a new cellphone, same problem, still didn’t bother. Thought surely no one is complaining so fault is somewhere at my end.

Turns out all of us are wuss who can’t point stuff out till its really annoying.


Not sure I can do anything about that - I’ll have a look and see if it’s reported on Discourse official website. For now best to use a different browser for OA. Firefox? Edge?

Here we go

Nah it literally takes two seconds to switch to desktop haha. I’ll just keep doing that till they fix it

And I didn’t say anything cos resetting the chrome app would sort it every time haha

Keems ti wirk fir mi…


Android here, I don’t us chrome. Works fine for me on mobile.

Pweeb tu meat yu Andwoid…

(Haw…dib yu cee wad i bid dare…)


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Didn’t check this thread initially cause I was on my PC all day but fuck me the text box is all over the place .

I am also an Android user. Spent a good 20 mins trying to click reply!

Apparently there might be a FIX for this on Monday!


In before jbl makes another jumbled spelling joke.