Delighted for sinner as he’s a very worthy sinner after his form last 6 months and this tournament.

I do feel for Medvedev though, that’s 1-5 in slam finals now including lose 2 from 2-0 sets up.

I do feel the 2022 loss was worse though, as 35 year old Nadal has no business beating Medvedev on a HC.

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Just comes across as very well put together, very respectful, humble and knows what’s important in life. His parents should be super proud cause he’s a fantastic young man with a big future ahead.

Finally, a player I can get behind.

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Sabalenka’s partner has died by suicide according to the Russian media.

When you watch Andy Murray walk, you wonder how the hell he can still get around and play at this level. He’s got thin old man looking walk where it looks like he’s got back pain. Wonder how much longe he’ll continue.

He played rather well tonight but Wawrinka just overpowered and dominated.

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Murray should have called it day a good while ago

This version of Warwrinka is absolutely washed and Stan has dispatched him like he’s 25 again

It’s been over, must surely get to a point where you have to wonder why you’re even doing it anymore.

He is not truly competing anymore, ugly to watch

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Sadly it’s probably Nadal’s time to go as well. Going into tournaments unranked means he’s gonna get tough draws. He’s better than a 1st round loss but it’s hard when you a draw like he did for the French Open. So many issues with his knees and other injuries. That now when he’s fit he seems to have a bit of fear of his body letting him down again. You can see it in his decision making. Playing more drop shots when maintaining a longer tally is preferred. He’s trying to force it. It’s a real shame. It’s hard watching him right now. He should’ve had that 2nd set wrapped up with a 6-4 win but unforced errors and poor decisions cost him.

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EDIT: concerning. I know he’s a guy that actively avoids surgery

Yeah this was a massive shame… (said sarcastically) but yeah, must be serious if he trusts medical professionals over his own opinion.

Surprised the French Open hasn’t had more chatter though?