8th year as year end #1



Yeah 2 more than anyone else.


8 year end no 1s :white_check_mark: ( 2 more than anyone else)
400 weeks at No 1 ( 90 more than anyone else)
24 slams ( 2 more than anyone else )
40 masters ( 4 more than anyone else)
Won every slam minimum 3 times ( no one else has done it )

Undisputed :goat:



Huge win for Sinner in an insanely tight 3 set match over the :goat:.

In the last couple of months that’s wins over Alcaraz, Medvedev and Djokovic for Sinner.

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@Aussiegooner: The GOAT downs Alcaraz in straight sets 6-3, 6-2 to advance to the World Tour final

Not the match many would have expected but was a comprehensive victory in the end and now leads the h2h 3-2

Running out of superlatives for this dude, just from another planet


Very impressive taking out Alcaraz only dropping 5 games, might seem minor but Alcaraz had 15-40 1st game of the match and against Djokovic you have to take any opening.

What a week for Jannick Sinner, unbeaten so far and we get a rematch vs Djoker in the final after the epic group game during the week.

I want to put some respect on Sinner’s name also, could have tanked that final match vs Rune and knocked Djokovic out, but came with a winning mentality and if he had to face Djokovic in the final so he it, another opportunity to test yourself against the :goat:.


Unpopular opinion but I think that Sinner will be next big thing after Djokovic retires


I really like Sinner, he’s my favourite out of the next up and coming top guys

Calm and level headed and has a really nice game and hits with feoritiy off both wings, serve has improved massively and is a big weapon now and has sneaky top level athleticism. Also seems to have cracked the code in terms of his endurance which is evident from his three wins in a row against Medvedev

Has the makings of an excellent final

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It would be unbelievable achivement for Sinner to beat Djokovic two times at WTF, it is going to be great finals.

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It is now mathematically impossible for Novak to lose the #1 ranking before January 29, 2024.

That’s :four::zero::nine: weeks as #1 guaranteed.

It also means that Novak will be the #1 seed at the Australian Open.


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Carlos Alcaraz coach Ferrero on Novak

:speaking_head: " We may prefer Rafa, we may like Federer’s style, but by numbers, Novak is the best in history."

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Beats Sinner in straight sets just like Alcaraz to win his 7th ATP world tour finals trophy and stands alone rather than sharing the record with Fed having 6 each.

98th major title in the bag and just seems unstoppable

Undisputed GOAT



Unbelievable how easily he won that SF and F.

I thought Djoker would win because it’s bloody hard to beat him twice in 5 days, but didn’t think it would be as comfortable as that.

Prayers up for Dave Hillier who now needs to avoid this thread and the cricket threat :pray: :trophy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Better watching a sport than being asleep through it, I suppose.

Srdjan Djokovic on Novak Djokovic having the most weeks as #1 and the media bias against his son:

“For the last 15 years, he has been the best in the world in every possible category. And of course, that annoys them all and they are unable to admit that he is the best in the world.

Here, for example, Federer was the best for many years with 310 weeks as #1. When Novak broke his record, they immediately moved the goal post and said, “Graf has 370 and something weeks as #1.” When he passed Graf, then they invented someone from the pre-Open era who had 500-something weeks as #1.

You want him to achieve 500 weeks too? Well, he will.”

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I have no idea why Big Djok is hated so much by the mainstream media. He is the best tennis player I have ever seen and will be a legend. I don’t get it. Imagine the entire football media belittling Messi and sayin Pele or Eusebio or Maradona was better just because he has eclipsed everyone. Maddening I tell ya!

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Davis Cup SF lineup

Finland vs Australia
Italy vs Serbia