Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


Sturridge may just be one of the best strikers in the league with a really good goal-scoring record. If he can stay fit, definitely worth the gamble, but I don’t really trust him to not get injured at Arsenal. Also it’s surprising that Klopp apparently doesn’t like him. In theory he would be a really good fit for his team.



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Why wouldn’t he be the answer?

He’s one of the best strikers around.

Sturridge is not far off the likes of Aguero, Lewandowski, Benzema, Suarez, Griezman, Costa and so on.

Sturridge would absolutely wreck shit playing for us. IF he can stay fit.
[/quote]I agree, but if he could stay fit, Liverpool wouldn’t sell him, and we couldn’t afford him.
The main reason he is only around 30m is because he is often injured and he’s inconsistent because of it.



I’m guessing with Klopp, it’s more of an attitude problem. He’s too good of a manager to think Sturridge isn’t good enough.



Sky sources understand talks are ongoing for Chelsea to re-sign David Luiz from PSG.

Luiz wants to return to Chelsea and feels he has “unfinished business”, and a source close to the deal says “they are in the thick of negotiations”.

Yesterday, Chelsea made a bid of more than £30m for the player they sold for £50m two years ago.

Looks like this one is happening.



I can kind of understand where Sturridge is coming from, he has been dicked about by Man City and Chelsea in the past so if he feels he’s being dropped on the wayside by Liverpool/Klopp after how many goals he’s scored for them, I’d be annoyed too.



Ffs Liverpool fans claiming Sturridge owes them loyalty for all he’s done for them. Clubs and players do not owe anything to one another, they are both in it for self gain.



If Sturridge was an option, I’m sure we would have exhausted that before moving on to Perez. Signing Perez surely means that Sturridge was a dead end?

When fit he is one of the best in the league certainly. Would bang in minimum of 20 league goals at Arsenal. The sort of signing that would take our attack to the next level.

By all accounts, Klopp has an issue with his attitude. Sturridge also doesn’t appear to be a particularly hard-worker off the ball which is an absolute sin for Jurgen. If he is sold, it won’t be to Arsenal. Fastest to 50 goals in Liverpool’s history I believe? Would be retarded for them to let him go anywhere tbh.



Fixed that for you.

It seems clear to me that Sturridge doesn’t really feature in Klopp’s plans, so he will probably be sold once Origi transitions to first choice but I doubt Sturridge would go abroad so it will probably be on a good old bosman.



Or maybe Perez is just the safe option who can play on the wing too and has us covered in that position, while Sturridge is the added bonus. All just depending on the timing of when Sturridge really became available.



PPB, my man! Keeping the dream alive :cristo:



So Moussa Sissoko has now gone from being linked to Real Madrid earlier this summer to being linked to Spurs today and now it’s apparently Everton :joy_cat:

Also how David Luiz can be the most exciting transfer of the day is quite sad. Sky is putting up a big show for something that is yet again disappointing.

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Everton is not a smaller club than Tottenham :blush:.

Marcos Alonso signed by Chelsea. Not a bad summer for them I think.





Toure vs Senderos in the old firm derby next week!

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Stupid DT new ITK :poldi:




As suggested, David Luiz is definitely thrown around to comply with FFP.

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Now that’s how you launder money in full view of the public :slight_smile:



I wonder if David Luiz arrived at Stamford Bridge in a brown envelope.



Very good buy from united if they get him

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When does deadline day end? Is it noon on the 1st of Sept? Or is it done today? I’d love Sturridge here :heart_eyes:

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