Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


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Adebayor playing in the Championship soon :coq:
[/quote]Is he trying to set a record for playing at the most amount of London clubs?

Arsenal, Spurs, Crystal Palace and possibly Fulham next.


Take it nothing is happening today? Not even a cheeky, Measly raid on La Masia?

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AFTV ranter turns ITK? :joy:



Quite a few people on twitter saying we are in for one more, a striker by all accounts

Hoping its true


There are so many pretend ITKs on Twitter. The top 20 Arsenal Twitter accounts on Twitter have all jumped in this bullshit “madness” bandwagon. And are claiming inside knowledge now.

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Thats very true

We will find out if any of its true in the next 11 hours or so


Saying it’s Sturridge. :rolling_eyes:


Sturridge lol…this club certainly knows how to keep its English fans holding their cocks.

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I’d fucking jizz myself right now if we signed Sturridge, holy shit


He’s not the answer, but I would be excited about that one tbh. He has the qualities to do what Walcott supposed to be doing as CF.


It’s almost 3pm and the only people saying so are a social media ‘personality’ & a dodgy newspaper online link. Not happening.

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I can’t see Wenger splashing out 30m on Sturridge.
With his injury record and the fact he would be cover for Perez, what would be the point.
Wenger doesn’t like spending, so buying a striker that cost more than the one you just bought really isn’t going to happen.

Also, it would mean he has bought two strikers, neither of which are world class, costing almost 60m between them.
We could have got Griezman or Draxler for around that.

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If we sign sturridge i reckon we might see the odd 4-4-2 This way you can play a lot of different combos. Targetman and a speedster or 2 speedsters you could have Giroud + Perez or sturridge…Perez and Sturridge Welbeck and Sturridge (quite a good frontline even score a lot for a shitty england team) lots of options and also have cover for any crocks because lets face it sturridge and welbeck are always getting injured.


Why wouldn’t he be the answer?

He’s one of the best strikers around.

Sturridge is not far off the likes of Aguero, Lewandowski, Benzema, Suarez, Griezman, Costa and so on.

Sturridge would absolutely wreck shit playing for us. IF he can stay fit.


Like it is as simple as paying the money and that is it, they have to want to come, draxler would have come but his club are asking miles too much and are not wanting to let him leave and Griezmann has stated that he doesnt want to leave AM at the moment.


Yeah, Sturridge is elite.

Liverpool aren’t letting this go down though.


He better stop that stupid fucking celebration if he comes here.

But, I still think all of our incoming business has been done. Only outgoings today.

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He can whip out his chubby and brush a grannies teeth with it if he so chooses as far as i am concerned just score the goals and we will be fine. His goals for Liverpool if anyone is interested…he definitely is a classy finisher but will Liverpool let him go to us i seriously doubt it

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God he is so good. Honestly one of my favourite strikers around right now.

He is EXACTLY what we’ve been screaming out for ever since RvP left. A pacey, ball-playing technical striker who can score with his feet and head. The thought of what he’d have been able to do for us with our midfield at his back really really frustrates me when you think about how long we’ve had to put with up with Giroud, Chamakh and Bendtner.

Liverpool would be fucking insane to sell him to us, but I’d be happy to spend £60m on him, he’s just that good. It’s clear that Klopp doesn’t like him though, constantly preferring to play Firminho and Origi ahead of him and shunting him out on the wing a lot as well.

Rumours are Sturridge is unhappy there which I could believe, but he’d never be sold to us unfortunately.