Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


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I thought Gabigol was going to Juventus. Great deal for Inter.


I hope we still make one more attacking signing.
The squad needs little refreshing.


I’m very curious about who might leave:

Chambers on loan?

Lot of players in the squad who aren’t going to contribute much this season.


He isn’t listed in the Kit Builder anymore, so I think he may be going out.


I think for definite we will be selling Debuchy and loaning out Chambers, even though Sanogo is useless Wenger will keep him for at least another year when his contract expires, and then Jenkinson will backup Bellerin when he’s back from injury and Akpom will be given a shot behind the other strikers


Mustafi and Perez 99% done. Draxler would be cherry on top :ozil2:


Now if we’d only sell Theo, it would be a great window.


What a career he’s had. Remember seeing a interview with him back in 96-97. On how much promise he showed and labelled the next England nr 1.
I wonder how much he has earned being 2nd-3rd choice his entire career? He was even 5th choice for Shitty behind Hart, Given, Schmeichel and Hansen. Guess he’s on top in spending the most games on the bench though, over 600!


He’s probably been making several thousand pounds a week for decades with minimal output.

I bet he’s better off than most people think :joy:


That is like, my dream career. Plus being a GK he probably won’t have any CTE issues down the road when he hangs up the gloves.


Apparently some twitter itk called FK has said we’re in Sturridge


who is FK?




The Evans rapeyness is rubbing off on us.


Outstanding buy from the Saints!!


Tony Barrett of The Times reporting a £11m bid from Liverpool for Christian Pulisic.