Stranger Things


Netflix show, released 2 days ago. Been binge watching this. It’s amazing.
Has a Goonies / E.T. / Super 8 feel about it. Spielberg could have made it.

Go watch it :smile:


Literally watching this as I type.

I’m not usually fond of adult shows with kids as the main leads but I have to say this has promise, like someone on IMDB stated it’s a bit like if Stephen King done ET.


Watched the first episode yesterday but didn’t really understand it. Maybe I need to just carry on watching it.


First ep is a real slow burner but it’s actually amazing how quickly it picks up pace after it. I’m into the 4th ep and it’s enthralling.

The acting is superb all round, really impressed with the young actress playing Eleven.


Having just finished it I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to go on with no more of this show to watch. Damn you Netflix and your ability to let me binge watch a show in two days.


Finished it yesterday too. What a show!

Good news though @Castiel a second season has already been confirmed :slight_smile:


I’m pretty pumped cause I loved it but I can’t help but feel they finished it off near perfectly, like a well paced film. Shows rarely get that sort of closure and when they do try to force a second season it usually turns into complete garbage. Sort of like season two of Wayward Pines.


One thing I’m not at peace with was when the sheriff sacrifices El to get Will back, felt so out of character for him. I’m also pissed no one seemed to care about her in the other dimension so if season two consists of trying to get her back I’m all for it.


Added spoiler tags @Castiel, they work now :slight_smile:


Yeh I spent about half an hour trying to add them yesterday, then saw you edited my post to no avail and assumed the plugin was off or uninstalled. Have to say those are some pretty snazzy spoiler tags.

Also more people need to watch this show.




Watched 20mins of 2nd episode, still couldn’t get into it. Went onto here to reply to let you guys now, notice your avatar and thought I’d give Archer a watch.

Do. Not. Regret. It


I have watched up to and including episode 5. Going to watch the last 3 tonight. Cracking show!! Edge of the seat stuff. Also love the whole 80’s feel and the electronic music.


I don’t want to over exagerate but Archer might be the greatest thing ever created in the entire history of mankind and it’s culture.


Really enjoyed this series. Netflix has produced a lot of quality shows since it went down that route and this is just another one to add to the list. Winona is such a good actor and the kids were all brilliant too.

I can’t get past the voice being the guy from Bobs Burgers so have only seen an episode or two :frowning:


Season 2 confirmed for 2017.


Get in there!!


Just smashed Season 1 this arvo. Fucking awesome.


Hope they don’t screw it up.

Takes place a year later.


Very very fucking good.


The kid acting is so impressive