Stranger Things


That’s what struck me as well, they more than held their own.

They stole the damn show.




Wasn’t so convinced with first season but second season is excellent.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Amesome tv series. Loved both seasons.

Seasons 3 and 4 already confirmed so curious to find out where we’re headed!


How awesome is Steve?

Absolute legend


He really is awesome haha.

Kept thinking he’d be the one to die at some point, thankfully he didn’t.


I liked his growth this season, made him a lot more likeable and his chemistry with Dustin was absolute GOLD.

I think in general they fleshed out all the characters a bit more which was good to see.

RIP Bob :sob:


I actually was really let down with this season, I felt it lost a lot of urgency from the first season.

Not to mention many of the new characters felt tacked on for no real reason.


I liked him from the start. Even in season one, yeah he maybe started out an asshole, but he always did right by Nancy, and genuinely looked out for her.

Which she isn’t now, by playing around with him and Jonathan. Make a goddamn decision ffs


Nancy is a bitch.

And yeah I wish Bob was kept alive.

This series was 10times better than that idiotic ‘13 reasons why’.


Yeah Bob the Hero was an awesome character too


Is that a book?


That is really cool. I searched Google for the image and got this link

Seems like its a thing this guy regularly does. :slight_smile:


Just starting watching this now, as usual years behind the curve. The soundtrack to it is already :sunglasses:



Is it just me or is this show overrated?

Watchable, yes. Nothing more


I think it’s you :slight_smile:


Takes too long!


After I finish Grimm, I will start this one.