Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


Not gonna follow Arsenal again this season. Just checking the score from now.




Promise? Does that mean you’ll fuck off to red cafe for good?


I don’t think it’s just our defence that is the problem, we failed to score.
I said it would be a draw but I thought we would at least get a goal.


When Wenger finally fucks off


I am really done now. Next week i am out with friends so i can’t watch the worst team in the world, then they can fuck off. Useless to waste fucking time with this shit team lead by a dirty yankee and a senile french.


Welbeck would be such an insane player if he had conviction and could just finish. As it is he cant be starting


I didn’t really enjoy watching that match.


There are better users than you. Now don’t brake my fucking balls, you Trump!


We’re the unluckiest team in the world. Football god’s just punish Wenger for creating the Invincibles


:arteta: :xhaka: :zipper_mouth_face:


That plus about ten other things, yes.


Girona>>>>>>Arsenal. Watching them atm and they do look so composed.


Same old same old.

I just feel so dejected.


Do like me: stop watching Arsenal.

Is it possibile to send my membership back?


lol, stop it, Luca, you haven’t even managed to stop watching July Europe League qualifiers much less Arsenal, and you know damn well once this breakdown passes that you are going to be watching Arsenal in the coming weeks, ready to overreact to the result. :kissing_heart:


No, i am done. Trust me this time. I can already predict the next results:

Liverpool-Arsenal 3-1
Arsenal-Bournemouth 1-0
Chelsea-Arsenal 2-1

Not worth watching the worst team in the world.


I have put these in an accumulator


We don’t look great, there’s no denying that. But we usually suck when we play at Stoke anyways. Last season unusually bucked the trend, probably lured us into a slight confidence thinking we’ might got over that hoodoo, but not to be.

What it does show though is we badly need Alexis and Kos back. It’s a bad result and a rubbish performance, but this is definately not the kinda day for a meltdown. Just gotta move on to the next game and do better.


I am gonna win you some money. I know how Arsenal, who i don’t support, perform :wink: