Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


More importantly, What was our xG for today?


1.74 vs 0.68 for Stoke.

Wenger as fuck those numbers.


Two games gone and the flaws out weigh the positives if people are honest. Its a loss to a very average side that just happens far to often.
The myth of Wenger having changed his ways and tactics blown apart here. The myth of Wenger name being a deciding factor in top players coming here also in bits.
Fact is it doesnt rankle as much this season because we all know were not going for the title as our aim is the 4th place.
Boring and predictable post and performance.


How many Stoke players would walk into our first team?
We have an unmotivated team with three of our best players who refuse to sign new contracts and no world class players coming in.
Like every other season, it’s all so predictable, and there is only one person responsible for this mess, and he is the only person who never admits his mistakes.


Wenger: “I was not convinced by our central defence today”

What do you expect when you play only one central defender in the back three you fucking imbecile?


he should stop fucking experimenting with the defense and actually buy a decent fucking CB and play players in their actual fucking positions that usually helps a lot you utter fucking dunce!


And yet he continues to play Russian roulette with a loaded gun.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


At least Koscielny will be back. That’s the only positive.


Genius! He plays two full back as CBs!


Its like hes been trolling us for 13 years, I swear…


Announce van Dijk ?? :speak_no_evil:


Oh, that’s actually good news though :+1: If we stabilise defensively we can win because we can definitely score vs. Liverpool away, they’ll bomb forward and they’re worse than us defensively.


I am sure we will find a way to look worse than them :grimacing:


Didn’t get a chance to watch the game, but by following it online and reading comments here it seems as if this was a typical Stoke vs Arsenal game.

It’s constant deja vu with this team ffs


At least we won the Community Shield though :sunglasses:


Their way better going forward and we struggle against that pressing game. Lets be honest its a game nobody is really looking forward too. Weve concede ten goals in 3 outings since Klopps been their.


Hey, that gives me an idea for a great debate topic…:stuck_out_tongue:


It sounded like Wenger wanted it more than the league. Small time mentality.


I don’t really think our defense was an issue…again. If Wenger thinks so he’s fucking lost it. Our defense handled things. THe issue is giving the ball away in midfield and our midfielders being who knows where the fuck they were to be honest.


I think there’s cause to criticise Monreal individually for the goal if you watch it again. He’s sort of up with Jese and then hesitates

Collectively where was our defence on Shawcross’ free header, that should probably have been their first goal if on target.