Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)

#Stoke vs Arsenal

Sat Aug 19 - 17:30
Premier League
Britannia Stadium

So, this fixture again. We had a really good performance over there last season. Let’s have more of the same. We need our defence back for this one. Start Kos - Mert and Holding. Or Kos, Kolasinac and Holding. Not quite sure Mustafi is ready yet.

I’m going with a close win, 1-2.

#Who’s gonna win?

  • Stoke win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Koscielny has one more game of his ban left @Bl1nk


Leicester H

Stoke A

Probs see Monreal Mertesacker Holding/Musti

0-2 Arsenal will hopefully get to see this match as I’ll be at a wedding all weekend

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Giroud and Laca have to start here. Drop Welbz

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3-0 Arsenal.

It’s alright. We have Kolasinac now. Looking forward to seeing him flatten Shawcross!

Be interesting if Stoke get Jesé, Kola is the one who basically ruined his career!

we will win but we will concede

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Good to play them so early, otherwise they would have been more dangerous. Start Rambo, Musta and Olly.

why would they be more dangerous if we played them later on?

4-1 just like last time

Because in a couple of months they’ll have the new manager boost after Hughes becomes the first PL manager casualty of the season :sunglasses:

Playing Stoke away in the summer is much better than January in the midst of winter lol

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they aren’t the same rugby bully side they used to be

But they are still cunts


Who gives a fuck! They are still cunts :mustafi:

Both teams will score and I think it will be or draw or us judge edge it, really not sure which one.

If anyone knows of any way I can get tickets to this game it’ll be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Hope we fucking do them

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3-1their attack isn’t as potent anymore.

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I was pretty happy with our attacking trio in the first game I don’t think much needs to be changed there. However I was unhappy with the right side of the defense and Xhaka being very sloppy in posession. Bellerin will have to do because I don’t want to risk Nelson in this match…Stoke away…the butchers. However I think he should be called up to the first team. I dunno if Mustafi will be ready but hopefully he can play alongside Per.