Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


Stop it! You sound like a broken record :xhaka:


We should destroy them as they’re not a team of thugs anymore


They also tend to start slowly.


Indeed. We’re the thugs now, hope they’re ready for these two :smiling_imp:


We are the bad boy club now :smiling_imp:


I’m just happy to have the football back.

Can’t wait to take myself and my dog down to the pub at 5 today. WOOF WOOF!


Yes! :giroud2: Can’t wait for Kola to play some Stoke thugs off the park :hipster:


My prediction is that if Stoke score first you’ll hear “1-0 to the rugby team” and if we do it’ll be “1-0 to the football team”, altho this didn’t happen in the 1-4 last season because our away support sucked for some reason


Alexis with Mustafi?


I think both teams will score so I’m going for a score draw 1-1.
Giroud to score.


We’ll win this 1-3.

Stoke will score first but then we’ll get our act together. Ramsey will score, much to the disgust of the Stoke fans who are still not over that time he had the audacity to have his leg broken by Shawcross. Ramsey will do a knee slide into the corner of the ground and will then need a police escort out of the ground.



Please please one of these chaps just stamp on Charlie Adam’s gypo face.


Oh how I hope that happens. I would love for Ramsey to score and then go up to the Ork fans and make the shush gesture with his finger to his mouth.


More like it


You said yourself in that Ox thread, in the midst of him playing very well for us in that CM role, if someone refused to acknowledge how well he was playing there, they just hated Ox for the sake of hating him :thinking:


Kolasinac over Holding? Ehhh. Short memory there, Arsène.


Very surprised that Mertesacker didn’t start.


would rather be using Iwobi then Welbs


I would of started Per, Ox on the right instead of Bellerin and then pushed Kolasniac to where Ox is starting.


Where is Holding? And Monreal as CB?