Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)




Looks like everyone loves my idea of playing Ox in the middle at CM. It’s okay my validation will come from Wenger and not some forum warrior armchair managers.


ummm Wenger is playing him at WB, not CM, despite having so few options there atm…


What, you redneck hotdog?


Oxlade Chamberlain is playing some good stuff at left wingback, outperforming actual wing backs in their own position.

Why on earth would you want to throw that away and then further disadvantage the team by playing him in centre midfield where he’s shown he doesn’t (yet) possess the attributes of a top class player in that role.


Ox was class last year in that role we all saw it. I think with his mobility he’s got a high ceiling, he could really grow into that role if given a chance.


WE’RE WEARING THE AWESOME BLACK AND PINK THIRD TOP TOMORROW!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So basically we’re not wearing the blue because…it’s shit?


Ox doesn’t have a high ceiling and was average as a CM. He is simply not good enough to play there.


Hope we destroy these fuckers at their own ground, in our sexy kit, with XhakaLaca goals.


Hopefully it doesn’t bring us bad luck :wink:



5-2 with five goal scorers: Ramsey, Laca, Giroud, Sead, Welbz


Honestly Xhaka is a liability. He’s the lead contributor to us leaking goals…gotta change it up. Maybe let Ox be the b2b and let Xhaka juat sit deep.


Predictions like this are nothing without the minutes included


8, 23, 37, 70, 89


I’m going to this one

I’m totally hyped (for our American friends), stoked (for our Australian friends- pardon the pun) and looking forward to this one.

2-1 to the rugby team, though :frowning:


And the attendance?




C’mon you mighty Arsenal! Destroy these fuckers!