Steve Bould

To me it’s a recognition that Bould still has something to give and much like I want Torreira in his rightful position the same applies to coaching staff.

Another example of blah blah blah and no credit, none whatsoever, given for all the examples of removal of deadwood and genuine efforts to move this club forward. Nope, you’ll just continue to nitpick, you will never ever be happy because there will always be something to complain about.

You expected Arsenal to have won the League by now?

The transition for a youth player to first team players has so much more to do than who coached him in the under 18s or 23s. You’re reaching here.

With respect this isn’t nit picking. The standard at the club is fundamentally below where it should be.

The Watford performance was dreadful. The defensive horlicks against Tottering. Another failure to win at Old Trafford against the worst Utd team in 30 odd years. We rode our luck to beat both Villa and Bournemouth at home. The second half at Liverpool where they played us into the ground.

If the club was playing a lot better I’d be happy. It isn’t. So yes I’m gonna complain after seeing only decline in the last decade.

Call it bollox. Call it nitpicking. When you go and watch this team play I just call it denial. Not by me but by you.

When it gets a lot better I’ll be happy. Until then I won’t accept the status quo and any vestiges of the past sloppy management and under performance we have seen for far too long.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Steve Bould.

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How am I denying anything? I am no happier with how this team is playing than anyone else. I went and saw us play three times last season with some decent performances in those games but overall there’s a lot more i feel we could be seeing from this squad.

I can recognise where the club is trying to improve though. You’re incapable of doing that.

I feel sorry for any coach under Wenger who tried and failed to influence him. Wenger wouldn’t have a number two and was known for being stubborn, not great attributes for a boss. If SB proves successful in his new job then keep him if not then move him on.

UWell based on the lack of improvement for a very long time the club isn’t trying hard enough because so far it isn’t working.

I’ll be more than happy to congratulate the club when I see some end result that makes a difference rather than looking like moving deck chairs around on the deck of the titanic.

I can’t imagine Brailsford taking a first team set up guy and saying oh you’re not very good but I’m going to get you to look after the next generation of up and coming talent. If you cannot see this might be a problem yes I say denial.

I make lots of positive comments where credit is due. Laca, Auba etc etc. At the moment this latest senior management set up though has lots to prove and it’s had more than a year now to do so. So yes I’m kicking off at everything that doesn’t look quite right with it.


Wow would of thought he had more goals than that.
First player sent off under Wenger too.