Squad Management

Maybe it’s a North American bias but all you really need for most sports are 4-5 absolute elite players to contend for a title. I think City have warped things a little bit because of the whole cliche “two world class players at every position” thing.


On our current injury returns being ahead of schedule


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What does God have to do with anything? :arteta:

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Yeah, I don’t have a twitter account, so can’t see the thread to check, but I assume God and religion doesn’t feature and that person perhaps doesn’t know what theological means lol (or it’s an autocorrect issue, but I can’t work out what word it was they tried to type)

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I don’t know why I even read that thread.

His entire premise is literally “our new team doctor wrote a couple of papers on stem cells, have arsenal found a new legal and medical loophole to use experimental stem cell treatments?!”

Just pure speculation


Yep. Absolute fucking nonsense.

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Keep hitting objects with little metal sticks, Nige.


So you’re telling me they’re all targeting to get fit by the time they go away for their international duties?



Tomiyasu has international duty as well?

Yeah, the Asia cup

Arteta should talk to Tomi (and Partey)…

Guys, we have a legit chance to win the league this season and you have plenty of chances (Tomi) to represent your country… we need you for the league

I bet Timber makes his comeback before Partey does.

Partey will have an AFCON setback


Timber will come back and be out again before Partey returns.


Ffs :joy:

Is it possible Partey never plays for us again?

very good chance.

recover soon enough for Afcon, then got a bad injury, not able to play this season.

Saudi come for him in summer

He’s one appearance away from getting a medal in case we win the PL.

Thought that rule was abandoned and they just give the club a load of medals to dish out as they see fit?

Well if that’s the case I’ll have to shoot Edu my new address so he can DHL my medal to me in May.

Get Saka central. Play Jesus on the right flank. Play Havertz as a #9. All opinions I’ve expressed this season.

A team that I saw online that is the bees knees