Spurs vs Arsenal (PL)

You’ll be watching the game in Dublin with just a pint or two?, you’ve never been to Dublin before then?:slightly_smiling_face:

If Leeds beat Chelsea in their next game there will be no bigger incentive for us to beat spurs because we are guaranteed fourth place.

But if we also win against Newcastle and Everton we get third place as well.


We are guaranteed fourth spot if we win on Thursday, regardless of other results.


Lads, it’s Tottenham.


Nice image of the Spuds stadium as a toilet in the OP. lol.

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Freck them. 1-2 win to the Arsenal!

3-1 to the Arse. Tomiyasu hattrick. Kane red card and Son to get bird poop in the face COYYYYG


got a feeling Martinelli is gonna score against them if he plays. I just have a sinking feeling though that Son and Kane are gonna murder us though.

I personally think the game against Newcastle next Monday is a bigger game .
That will show what this team is about, St James’s Park is a cauldron of home support especially now oil money has raised the Toons expectations.
COYG , dig deep .


Feel good about this for some reason… going to go against my brain and with my heart here.

2-1 to the Arse and top 4 sealed, signed, and delivered.



In the last 20 visits to Spurs going back to 2007 in all comps (the Adebayor / Fabregas masterclass), we’ve won only 4 times. Lost 10 times (including 3 in a row now) and drawn 6.

We’ve lost 5 in the last 6 visits if recent form is a better indicator.

Basically, recent history doesn’t bode well for our chances.

They should rightfully be chasing a win. If we sit back, allow them to try and break us down, then I’m confident we can create on the counter. If we try and dominate the ball, play our usual tactics, then Kane / Son will destroy us on the break.

Need to have a pragmatic game plan. A draw is absolutely fine.


Agree. This is a game for 5 at the back if ever there was one to neutralise the Kane- Son breakaway threat. A strong performance gets us a point and a goal on the break could see us in St Tottering heaven.

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Kane & Son can’t do shit if we just sit back.
We just need to deal with Son’s crosses though

North London forever
Whatever the weather
These streets are our own
And my heart will leave you never
My blood will forever
Run through the stone

:sound: :sound: :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses: :beer: :sunny: :sunny:
siuu coyg siuuuuucoyg siiuuu motheruckers siuuu COYG


4 days of heart palpitations, nervous shites and emotionless wanks

The pre-game anxiety is already off the charts


First away NLD with Arsenal fans in the ground no?

Though if we win we’ll finally know we’ve turned that bastard corner

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Magic Eight Ball


meh we did what we needed before this game tbh… all the pressure is on them.

Even if they take 3 points, we are still in the catbird seat.

They need to chase 3 points and we can stand back and counter, which is perfect scenario against them.


haha this is such a big game - I have butterflies already!

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