Spurs vs Arsenal (PL)

Spurs vs Arsenal

Thursday 2022-05-12T18:45:00Z
Premier League
Live on Sky Sports

Here it is. The big one. Everyone knows the score and what’s needed. Now let’s pray our boys get it done.

The outcome

  • Arsenal win. TOP 4 CLINCHED :trophy:
  • Draw. Nearly there.
  • Spurs win

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Good stuff that happened at the Lane


We need another 5pur2 to us. :grinning:

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6-0 Arsenal. Fuck spurs!


Spurs win. 3-1

This is it, make this game count fellas. Get the W.



Spurs winning shouldn’t be an option on this poll. People shouldn’t be allowed to think such a thing, let alone vote for it.


I’ll be watching this in a pub in Dublin on my birthday with a pint or two after being up since like 4am to get an early flight

Could be one to remember here! :red_circle::red_circle:


Just can’t envision an Arsenal win. Hope I’m wrong, obviously

Wrap it up right here, lads. Fucking go get 'em! 1-3.

I’d take certainly take a point.

Sadly I’m going with a spurs win and the 4th place race to go down to the final day, it just feels too good to be true for us to wrap it up earlier.

Spurs 2-1 Arsenal.

Performance of the season please, boys.

Would have been amazing to have Partey involved for this. Regardless, the players know the size of the task - treat like a final.

I’ll get over the 2nd half performance against Leeds if the players were mentally and physically saving themselves for this. COYG

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Will White be back for this? I hope he will be.

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I am going to be a shitebag and say I’ll be over the moon with a point


Spurs will win. Sucks but it’s true. I’m from the future, trust me.


You’ll want more than one pint though.

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If there was a game to deploy “Escape Plan 523” then it’s this btw.
Get all of Tomi, White, Holding and Gabriel in the team


if one or both of kane or son were out i think we would nick something but those 2 are lethal and you just know you will have to score at least to maybe get a draw. I just have this sickening feeling about this game that we are gonna get cut open. If they win and win by a big margin i worry it could make our heads drop and they overtake us in the last couple of matches.