Spurs vs Arsenal (PL) 2-3

Spurs vs Arsenal

:stadium: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
:calendar: Sunday 2024-04-28T13:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Spurs win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Surely has to be the same team as last night.

Spurs are so vulnerable to a quick ball through all the space they leave in midfield and defence it should be perfect for Partey’s style. If he breaks down he breaks down.

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Our biggest game against Tottenham since the top 4 decider two years ago.

Arguably this is bigger, we are better and they are worse

I am nervous but confident. 0-2! :red_circle::red_circle:

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Spurs had a long rest. when did they last play ? i cant even remember.

Saturday last week? Newcastle hammering.

Long rest doesn’t always mean much though.


Yeah at least they got thumped and had to sit spewing on that for a week.

Let’s leave them crying a bit longer

I hate Spurs.

That is all.


Biggest game of the season so far. Think their open style suits us well but likewise we need to be prepared for the counter where they are very dangerous. Excited but nervous too. COYG


This statement has lost all meaning over the last couple of months.

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An early Trossard banger would be perfect here too. My feeling is we’ll be absolutely pumped after last nights game and that will be too much for this lot. Derby anything can happen blah blah blah but i feel good going into this.


Why lol

Pumped for this now.

Let’s just have a strong finish to the season and don’t go with a bad taste in our mouths into the preseason.

No need to look at City.

Let’s just finish the season better than we did last year so we can confidently say we have improved and we are on the right track.

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Both teams will be absolutely pumped for this. Spurs want to react to the Newcastle beating. Top 4 on the line. We should be full of confidence after destroying Chelsea. Title on the line.

I want to see Martinelli’s pace against their high line. But then where does Trossard go? Dilemma.

I’d also like to see Partey start again because of his direct and incisive forward passing.

We have all the weapons we need to win this game. We have all the motivation we need to win this game.


United away is a tougher out than these lot.

Remove the NLD fluff and it’s a very easy match up for Arsenal

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Hopefully we go with the same team and smash these pricks. We’re worlds better than them, but still gonna be a tough game.


I’ll be in Lisbon on my stag do and amongst my friends will be a fellow Gooner and a Spurs fan. Gonna be a nervy Sunday lol


Yes because notoriously that never plays a role in these games haha

Will be in Montpellier with family and a Spurs supporting brother in law.


After missing Bayern, Wolves and Chelsea I can finally watch an Arsenal game again.

So pumped. Win this and we win the league, I am convinced.

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Is it just 4 CL places now?
In that case this is a must-win game for Tottenham