Spurs vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

We’ve conceded seven goals so far and only scored once.

Funnily enough our best performance so far there was in Arteta’s first season in 2020.

Laca scored that banger but that twat Kola gave away the lead in minutes.

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Mudrick 74’ 86’ 90+3’


I’ve voted for a win in every game, here we are top of the league top el group, won’t give an inch to spurs :wink:


So what you’re saying is…you’ve been wrong 5 times.

Chances of a spurs win just went through the roof :cold_face:

Being wrong only 5 times is definitely a winner for me :grinning:

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fully expect another harry kane penalty, you know the refs never fail with this.

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I know there were some claims that Kulusevski and Bentancur would be back for this match but I still haven’t seen any evidence that either of them have returned to full training.

Kulu in particular seems to have started picking up muscular injuries that nag and linger. He ended up being out much longer in the fall than originally predicted. After getting injured again on Boxing Day the initial word was that he might miss only one match and nobody has seen him since.

They are a different team without Kulu and much easier to contain on the break IMO. All you have to do is have a plan for Kane dropping deep and you are good.

I believe it’s Conte that said he thinks they’ll be back and some reliable “Spursy” journos confirming it.

Still, doesn’t matter much. Their two best players will.be available. Gonna be a fight regardless of who plays.

Put a bet on Kane scoring a pen. It’s basically free money :slight_smile:

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The worried is strong on this one


Worried as they are always tricky when they can just sit back and counter, but we seem to have become more mature against that recently… would be huge 3 points if we can pull it off and really propel us forward down the stretch.

I think Arsenal still lack the killing instinct and don’t think Arsenal will get anything from this game unfortunately… might win against United though

Out of curiosity, what do you base this off? Is it off this season or previous ones?

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Nervous after the world cup?

‘take a penalty’



How are they doing injury-wise? Are Kulusevski and Richarlison back?

Kulusevski was back in training yesterday. Richarlison or Bentacur were not.

We always give these cunts a gift, normally in the form of a penalty which absolutely ruins the game from our point of view.

We’re deservedly top of the league and should be going there with some swagger.

I’m hoping their inferiority complex gets in their heads a bit. A quick start and an early goal will be essential. If it’s 0-0 at HT then I feel like we’ll maybe wobble in the second half.