Spurs vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

Spurs vs Arsenal

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:spiral_calendar: Sunday 2023-01-15T16:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Spurs win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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The big one. Will we see Mudryk amongst the substitutes? Share your team predictions below :point_down:t2:

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Please Arsenal, don’t give away any fucking penalties or red cards.


Time we won in that toilet.


We are so much better than these lot. Now’s the time to take the 3 points at last.

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So what minute will Harry Kane get his pre-agreed penalty?


I can already picture the exaggerated fall to the ground. Commentators and pundits fawning at Harry’s ingenuity in winning his team a pen.


Nerves settled in walking back to the car from the ground last night

Big day Sunday

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Arsenal to finally go to Spurs and get a W.

Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal


The team picks itself, we’re due a win there.

1-2 Arsenal (Saka,Martinelli)

We’ve not got anything away to these since March 2019!

Need to change that. 0-2 win. A statement win and Arteta to come out his area numerous times to annoy everyone


We’ve never even drawn at their new ground. It’s quite embarrassing actually.


Please win

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Reckon they’ll pull some shit out the bag in true undeserved fashion.

Penalty is a cert.

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0 0 think it’ll be a bad tempered affair in a game avoiding defeat will be the dominating factor.
Do think our defence will be very well drilled to see off the spuds threat.
White cancelling Perisic out of the game is important.

Regardless of form, Spurs will be up for it. These are the type of games form isn’t that relevant.
They’ll have a massive chip on their shoulder not only beating their North London rivals but the league leaders, one of those games to completely change narrative for both teams.
They did the exact same thing last season against City away. Were on an awful form, went to Etihad and beat City.
It’s Kane, it’s Conte, it’s Son. They’ve got the quality.
Can’t underestimate them.


That piece of shit Son will no doubt discover form fucking rat fuck.


Shame on you all voting for a spurs win, fuck spurs

1-3 I reckon… They’ll score first with the token weak as fuck Kane penalty near the end of a lackluster first half and we’ll come out the blocks fighting and fuck them up.

…I hope… But I do definitely think we win.


I voted for a loss in pretty much every game this season, and I’m keeping that tradition. Same for my avi.

That’s my thing but there are two games of the league season I can’t do it for. Shame on you!!

Isn’t it only 2 games?