Sporcle Quizzes 👍


I got all 20, but I gotta say, I got lucky with Man City. I typed in Sky Blues (Coventry’s I know) and it accepted it! When are they EVER referred to as, “The Citizens”? :joy: Never heard of that.

Good fun this is! Here’s another.



16/30 :xhaka:


Quiz is wrong. Doesn’t accept scum or cunts.


28/30!! Damn Reading and Coventry.




One for our American cousins and nothing to do with football, but meh. Took me about 5 goes to get 50 out of 50 but then i am a geography nerd :innocent:


Fixed the title :wink:


That all time PL one was great. Got 42/47 forgot Leicester ffs!! :joy::joy: Wimbledon Swindon Oldam and Ipswich.


Not even wasting my time with the American one. I am awesome with American geography. I know all the states. All the the state capitals. All the most populated cities. These quizzes just boost my ego :grin:


I don’t believe you. If only there was some way we could prove you aren’t lying. A test of sorts.


You don’t believe that I am a complete loser who spends their spare time learning this crap? Fine by me


It’s very important to me that I’m the only Limey on here capable of getting 50 out of 50! :grimacing:


39/47 on all time PL. Missed Forest, Wimbledon, Fulham, Charlton, Barnsley, Swindon, Oldham, Bradford. 4 last teams very obscure :thinking:


these quizzes are great. Been doing them for a while.

Try naming every country in the world lol