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Name every relegated PL club since 2006/2007

Fucking shite! Only got 19/30 missed so many obvious ones out. Mind just went blank as you only get 4 minutes 30 seconds :cry::cry:

The Randomly Nothing thread
The Randomly Nothing thread

28/30, missed Sheffield United and West 'aaaaaaam


27, missed Watford, Wolves and Derby :roll_eyes:


@Phoebica @Robin_L @Mysty

How did you remember Cardiff?! So irelevent I even had my finger over C and still couldn’t remember them… :thinking:


Anyone else out drinking tonight? :slight_smile: i wish my fellow gooners a great weekend!


I was just going through teams in my head and thought of Swansea, which reminded me of Cardiff.

Most of those teams are irrelevant to be fair.


27…Blackpool, West Brom and Charlton.

Yeah… :neutral_face:


@mysty why?! Hah


I got 28/30. Some how forgot about Wigan and Watford ffs :facepalm:

@Calum , Cardiff’s one I got right towards the end, they were largely forgetable :smiley:

I decided to make it into it’s own thread, because I’ve spotted loads of other interesting quizs on there, and figured it might be fun to have it’s own thread, if that’s ok? :slight_smile:

Hopefully encourages others to try them out and share another quiz that might be good to do.

Here’s another one to try out.

I only got 28/44


No. I demand you put this back in random nothing :wink::wink:

Btw everyones getting high 20’s and I got fucking NINETEEN :neutral_face:


Yeah didn’t want to say anything but that is really poor! Go back to school!


30/44 on the countries. . :neutral_face:


I got 33.

St Kitts and flipping Nevis? No chance of getting that!


It’s basically ‘Guess The Obscure Country’


22/40 thanks to @Phoebica I got st Kitts and Nevis :+1::wink:


This one should be relatively easy. Some will make you think a little more than others :smiley:

Got all 117 in five minutes.

@Calum It’s mostly a case of remembering whatever Football teams you know and see what pops up in the answers or not :smiley: Majority I knew, but some were guesses.


:open_mouth: I couldn’t even name who won it in the 1980’s let alone the fucking 1880’s!!!


So really you only got 19 then? Again… is that your favourite number? :wink:


Preston North End won it in the 1800s unbeaten. There’s number one. :wink:


Easy one. Still got 19 :joy: could have sworn Swansea were the jacks lol.